NDTV Ravish Kumar Prime time Intro on Panama papers Massive leak of tax documents Exposes.

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Expose cine stars, leaders,Panama Papers: Iqbal Mirchi, Adani elder brother, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Bachchan named in Tax Leaks.


misstube2010 says:

Why don't u expose all the corrupt politicians who eat all the tax money. Stop sensationalizing these news because there are stars involved. They earn money by their hardwork n is white money. They raise funds and do charity works. these politicians does nothing except for giving speech and making false promises. On top they are all corrupted and earn black money.

Arpit Bhugul says:

But all of them seem to have used the flaws in the legal system (deliberately planted?) Interesting thing will be to see, will the judicial system succeed to be fair and do justice with the 1.3 billion Indians.

D. R. Das says:

In every country of the World from low corruption countries like Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Singapore to heavy coccuption countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh etc.. the story is the same, the elites (government, media-movies, sports, mafia etc…) loot the common people. British elites loot British people, Indian elites loot Indian people, nigerian elites loot Nigerian people, Japanese elites loot Japanese people and all these elites from all the countries of the World come together and party in yatches laughing at the fools who form the majorty of the World peoples.

Harshal kale says:

Why Arnab Goswami is silent on Panama Leaks?

sAmE dcroz says:

kaun banega crorepati …hayeeeeeeeeeeeee

sAmE dcroz says:

u r the best hats off sir

Chandresh Patel says:


Abhinav Saxena says:

Well done Ravish, for at least speaking on this issue whereas channels like times now r yet to know about it !!!!!!

Abdhul my best movie Kadeer its so romantic movie says:

india ki sab bade log chor hai

Harish Shrivastava says:

Why I don't see bhakt comments in YouTube?

भारतीय says:

Get rich or die trying. This is the mantra my friends.

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