The Great Interior Design Challenge Series 3 Episode 12 – Farm Houses.

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Esha Allen says:

Spoiler Alert for anyone who doesn't wanna know who wins this episode. LOL

So, I liked Talia's room the best, it was lovely. I think she has consistantly had better room designs than Anne every time. But I noticed that she seemed to have a bit of animosity towards the judges, like when she comes in 2nd for the mood board judging, she says "I'm used to it." Then she says how she keeps improving, giving the judges everything they criticize her for. And then at the end when Anne wins and says she didn't expect it, Talia goes "I did". To me, deciding who won seemed to have a lot to do with the judges' personal preferences and not the contestants actual talent.

Erin Klossner says:

I want Anne to come decorate my house. I would also like to just hang out with her; she is delightful.

Chris Churchill says:

Love Anne

Michelle Poulain says:

love it.

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