Improvisation at the train station in paris!

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When was a piano in a paris station and two talents come together and they not known, happens this.

Quan hi ha un piano a l’estació de parís i s’ajunten dos talents que no és coneixen, passa això.

Cuando hay un piano en la estación de parís y se juntan dos talentos que no se conocen, pasa esto.

Quand deux pianiste talentueux qui ne se connaissent pas se rencontre dans une gare Parisienne, voici ce qu’il ce passe

Finally, after the video has been shared we got in contact with the other music.
The guy who plays sitting is Gerard Pla Daró….

The child is added Zaouche Nassim……,


raziwoczy says:

Why so quickly You finished, the music canlast forever ;)

Aidan Chin says:

Youtube keeps on telling me I need to watch this again. :)

leandro lombardo says:

speechless <3

lane freddy says:

it sounds like the music from princess mononoke!

Fatir Alshilmi says:

the coolest scene if it were a movie ..proud

Marlon Saint Dave Mendoza says:

the song was like from a final fantasy game this was awesome

steven roblox says:


Jimin Lee says:

THAT was amazing :)

tasha beany99 says:


marco caires says:

Simply stunning

TazorNissen says:

I feel lucky that this amazing moment was captured on film, and I got to see it.

Sjanyk Rijpkema says:

He's playing the song: Una mattina

Archie Davis says:

Are they the noisy freaks? They look like them and they are a French duo.

Gale Anonym says:

If I were to write a gay love story, this would be how the two lovers meet. PLEASE TELL ME IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS THE PERFECT BEGINNING?!

Fatin Fatiha says:

This is so beautiful.

Noob do teclado u.u says:

Unna Matinna Oh myyyyyyy

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