Nuclear Energy

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025 – Nuclear Energy

In this video Paul Andersen explains how nuclear energy is released during fission of radioactive uranium. Light water reactors, nuclear waste, and nuclear accidents are also discussed along with the future of nuclear energy.

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Lubor Mk says:

Very well done!

Bibin Mathew says:

send the nuclear waste to space!

Atrax says:

Nice video, but what about fusion reactors!?

Richard Wood says:

Try a full life cycle analysis of commercial nuclear power, no one else will.

ThinkFirst says:

hell yeah it was ! Thanks man

Chris Moore says:

Know how many people died from the Three Mile Island "disaster?"



The same.

Chris Moore says:

"Each of the radioactive materials have a different half life but it's gonna be on the order of thousands of years."

Apparently Steam has decided that Half-Life 3 is gonna be on order for thousands of years, too!

rawstarmusic says:

I hope there will be less dangerous materials to extract energy from. Harvesting U-35 has been successful and search for alternatives is a first priority. Not to optimize the current process but find an alternative. Hopefully energy research din't stop at nuclear fission.


1 gram of U -235 has as much energy as an entire train car full of coal.

pixelfizz says:

You're one of the brightest people on youtube. It's weird you have so many subs but so little avg. views. You deserve way more.

How long do you usually take to prep each episode? It looks like you put a lot of thought and time into each one.

Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky says:

If the Roman Empire had used nuclear energy, how to handle their waste would still be an important political issue today.

zabi Gn says:

dude I just had an exam of this and you post it now? haha

Ted The Man Cruz says:

Science is amazing! so much better than religion.

trackerx90 says:

Always impressive!

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