Clickbait Headlines and Medical Research! Watch This Video to Keep Your Family Safe!

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Aaron is part of a weekly gaming group. Most of the time it’s role playing games, although board games come into play as well. Most of the participants are doctors. We have a group text that we officially use to schedule, but unofficially it’s the way that we share news stories about medicine that drive us insane.

It’s unfortunate that these gaming-group group-text (which is seriously one of the most qualified, educated, and thought-provoking feeds that only eight people get to access) can’t be more widely shared. But today, we’re going to go over some of those crazy news stories, and why you shouldn’t believe every headline you read.

That’s the topic of this week’s Healthcare Triage:

Those of you who want to read more can go here:

John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen — Graphics

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Timothy Schelz says:

I have to know all about your campaign! Are you the DM? What kind of character are you playing? What system are you using?

Ogee says:

Another excellent episode

Yale Benson says:

I'm so sorry I didn't find your channel earlier.

thefirespectrum says:

A ton of people in my family are nurses and they share these kinds of bogus medical scare headlines all the time, in addition to anti-GMO, homeopathy B.S., etc. How widespread is this kind of misinformation among healthcare professionals? Are they pressured into pandering to the fears of patients?

Stefan Travis says:

Avoid Ripoffs And Junk Science WIth This One Weird Trick!

The Lone Aesir says:

Thank you for this. What irritates me is often seeing a news article, or blog site posing as a news outlet, that cites a study that lay behind a pay wall.

PerfectPencil says:

I'd love to see HCT do a (weekly) debunk video on the biggest bullshit headlines of that week.

Olivia P says:

This sort of thing really pisses me off. Last October, there was a front page headline in the Daily Telegraph that said something like "Cancer is due to coincidence, not environmental risk factors". It was referring to a January 2015 paper which I happened to have been examined on in May, and had roundly criticised, so it was a pretty insulting headline!

(The paper used mathematical models of the rate of cell division in different tissues, and concluded that the incidence of cancer in different tissues was related to the rate of cell division in that tissue, and therefore environmental factors have a minimal impact, because the biggest cause of mutation in those tissues was cell division. However, it didn't look at breast or prostate cancer (the main cancer in AFAB and AMAB people, respectively) or lung or skin cancer (which have proven links with smoking and exposure to UV radiation, respectively), and it's also a pretty big leap to go from mathematical model of tissue cultures to proven fact with no human trials in the middle!)

whispree Griff says:

Please don't ever stop doing this show

Scheefinator says:

Thank you for beating this idiot morons off with a stick and knowledge.

I hope you get better, Aaron.

Tyrrell says:

Excellent debunking video, Dr Carroll! So you've taken on the milk industrial complex already – how about homeopathy?

Emmia Silk says:

I know it isn't healthcare-related, but I'd love to hear more about your RPG experiences! What are your favorite games? Favorite regular polyhedra? And aren't druids the coolest?

Clem20033 says:

I can tell you why cold weather makes us sick and it has nothing to do withthe effect of cold on the viruses. My theory is that when its cold we keep all doors and windows closed, keeping all the viruses in and helping us share them, we also tend to stay inside where it's warm, with more poeple inside and no way to get the viruses out they get transmited from one person to another much quicker. Just my theory, I could be wrong!

Adrian Vander Vaart says:

get rekt

Jesse Whitson says:

Sir a recent article from PLOS ONE stated that gum disease can increases the effects of Alzheimer's, thoughts?

Matthew McKee says:

This video is why I'm a Patron of this channel.

Adam Sommers says:

Why do more people not watch you, this stuff is great!

ZogDaMegnivizint says:

An entire episode about click-bait would be good if it could address even a millionth of the amount of nonsense that's out there, or if the nonsense was actually the problem. There's an old saying "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". These days people have a lot of knowledge, and no context for any of it. Most people were educated in a system that prizes regurgitating information dictated by an authority uncritically. Is it really surprising that when a big important newspaper publishes something upsetting, people just believe the headline and don't go any deeper? I don't have time for fact checking, I have a lot of information to worry about over here!

Stefan Wojcik says:

It's cells… from a mice… in a lab. Killed me, this is basically what I want to say to everyone who mentions some bunk studies miraculous findings.

TheGalgut says:

hey, am i right in thinking that hazard ratios can't be interpreted in the same way as a relative risk

SigmaMorrigan says:

As someone working in the healthcare space, you have perfectly hit on my BIGGEST pet peeve. Thank you for this fantastic show!

BoisterousHero says:

Thank you for this! It always drives me nuts when you see these crazy headlines. It is amazing how many times you see "x causes y!" citing sources that don't even remotely prove any sort of causation.

Sarah Barbary says:

If the only message you were trying to bring across was to not always believe clickbait articles, then this was a good video. However, you are clearly discrediting fundamental and important research that have yielded interesting and important results, especially that of the Nature paper, which was a well designed study. Discrediting research hurts the medical profession as well – everything doctors know comes from scientists in one way or another. I'd encourage viewers to actually take the time to review these manuscripts and understand for themselves that while they may not definitively prove what some layman journalist on the Dailymail said, they are significant.

DynamixWarePro says:

This should really be a series, all too often reports come up like these. While you mention this topic, what about this "Sleeping too much could cause you to go blind": or this one, linked in the same article "Carbohydrates could cause lung cancer": Are there any truths to these? Or should we treat these like the ones mentioned in this video?

gt52 says:

who would pay to watch that Roll Play.

JustOneAsbesto says:

5:06 Hey there, Dr. Jazz-hands.

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