Young Thug “F Cancer” feat Quavo

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Young Thug releases first visual off of the “Im Up” EP. This visual features guest appearances by The Migos and inspired by Lil Boosie


Marcial C says:

I thought the song was about Cancer, especially with boozie in the video. Boy was I wrong.

Justin Johnson says:

Badazz need a verse

mike blood says:

Leave these pussy niggas missing

Brock Thomas says:

guy genius=young thug….watch n learn, faggets

Brock Thomas says:

…I f'd ur main bish, I gave her cooties!…lmfao

Origin: Unknown says:

the fuck that guy look so mad for

Amour Nik says:

look like they had fun making this video damn

gilmar cherif says:

Y'all Realized That Lil Boosie Fake His Cancer

Alexei Ignatiev says:

Thought Quavo was Offset for a second

debryson demouchet says:

remix please with boosie

Sharisse Goodbeir says:

this dumb

Quavo From Migos says:

why Young Thug built like an extention cord?

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