Formula 1 2016 Sound – FERRARI vs Mercedes vs Mclaren Honda ( F1 Test Day)

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Pure sound Formula 1 2016 Ferrari vs Mclaren vs Mercedes in action Barcelona 2016 F1 Test days 1,2,3. Watch the first overtake of the 2016 season with nico rosberg vs sebastian Vettel and listen the crazy sound of Mclaren-Honda Mp4-31 of Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button

The cars of this video:

Code: SF16-H
Engine: Ferrari 1.6 L V6 Turbo

Code: W07
Engine: Mercedes PU106A Hybrid

Code: MP4-31
Engine: Honda RA615H


Also can you see the video of the F1 2015 season at the following link:


Mario Monfrecola says:

Era molto più bello il sound dei 3 litri aspirati…inoltre le macchine sono molto più brutte esteticamente…da come è fatto il muso all'alettone posteriore stretto e alto…le monoposto tra metà anni 90 e i primi anni 2000 sono state le più belle secondo me…

Oms AU says:

Sound like constipated lawnmowers.

Tiago Gobbi says:

This vid remembers me Alonso creaming on the radio in 2015 => This seams a GP2 engine! GP2 engine! Arggh!! Lol! Ferrari engine seams very adjusted like a Suiss.. A Italian engine! Mercedes looks good too.

Chris F says:

Being new to this sport can anyone recommend a documentary or film on f1? I have already seen the movie "rush" and the documentary Senna

Chris F says:

I am new to this sport and I love it, in America we have nascar which is boring
Besides Monaco which is the best race?

secpozz says:

I appreciate putting this video here, I gave a thumb up but this sound is horrible.

I'm comparing it with this one;

The cars were definitey looking and sounding better in 2001.

Miriam Negri says:

Still sounds like shit. The most exciting thing about F1 was the loud screaming sound. Now its like going to a rock concert with shitty speakers. What a complete farce and a joke

levent says:

bad sound, miss schumi,david,irvine,mika and real overtakes not with drs,kers

Darren Dunn says:

Piss sport more like

Darren Dunn says:

Fucking boreing sport if you can call it a sport

triptechable says:

I can actually hear the 80's F1 calling…

michael touse says:

like last years better but wish they would have kept the v8 engines

MrFamily1Man says:

Powered by Chedeng…aka Mercedes-Benz sounds sweet and may 3-peat. & Mclaren-Honda. Get your shit together! Fans need an exciting season!

Thomas Müller says:

The new season can start! #formula1 #ausgb Draft your own team and win a part of 5000€ ! >

Cheeky Chap says:

I miss the sounds from the 80's too.

Ralf Kollenberg says:

I miss the Sounds of the late 90's….

General Zod says:

Hey what model camera are you using?, the image quality is superb.

SonzillaGTR says:

I gotta admit that off throttle note has grown on me. I F'n love it, but on throttle I think the Mercs sound the best.

khasmir666 says:

I wonder why that Honda PU sounds like it is eating itself…

Алдаир says:

На 3:29 раскрылась секретная разработка McLaren – конструкторы запихнули в воздухозаборники вувузелу!

Kane Baeten says:

0:26 the fight already begins! :D

Kenny Lam says:

Jesus Christ…. the sound!!!! beeeee beeeeee beeee Fart Fart Fart……… Great quality video Thanks!!

Wolfi D says:

Bullshit. Vacuum cleaner on steroids. Where are the 12,000 rpms as in:

AND even THESE sound better:

Wolfi D says:

I need 12, or at least 10 cylinders, at 12,000 or at least 10,000 rpm. THAT'S SOUNDDD. And if you guys n gals haven't caught it yet — it's not only about volume but also about quality.

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