Formula 1 2016 Australian GP Qualifying

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Watch Formula 1 2016 Australian Grand Prix Full Qualifying Session


Tin Ndjdj says:

Is it in live?

Som Simp says:

All they need is Q1 and Q2 (25-minutes each) no more Q3.  After Q1 the 10 fastest go into Group 1 and 11th to the last one go into Group 2.  Then in Q2 they fight for position within their respective group.  In this format all the teams get a fair shot and nobody drops out, and you have a constant battle for position until the end of qual.

Tuan Dhiyauddin says:

hmm..they don`t know what to do
such boring qualify


Lol once teams realise they can't improve on their time the ends of the sessions gonna be empty track

Leon Kok says:

It's always nice to try new ways of doing things, but don't fix what isn't broken lol. Q3 was a lot more exciting under the old qualifying format.

blueskyfield says:

please upload video in quality over 480p

Danny Prince says:

But yeah, the qualifying needs to return to the previous format ASAP!!!

Danny Prince says:

Damn! Hamilton smashed it! Pole position! And it looked like he could have gone faster! Wow!

Erika JessyKyller says:

Thanks for upload, we cant see it in Spain!! -.-

David ELI says:

who cares what a bunch off brit's think about Hamilton being one of the greats! !

the record speak for its self

mohamad aliff says:

Such a frustrating qualifying format

Saarvieen Raj says:


mikel fosco says:

Where can I watch this live what site ??!!

Joku JätkäVaan says:

Well, that was an awful Q format. I really hope they at least tweak it berofe the next race.

Bolurin Flash says:

thanks for uploading this

Mr. Javier ¡Videos de CoC y Clash Royale! says:

Push the cualitet of the video plis, and In a complete tv

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