5 Tips for Starting an Online Business

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5 Tips for Starting Your Online Business
Starting an online business is difficult if you don’t know where to begin. These online businesses tips will help you figure out how to set a foundation for building a successful online business and what you need to have in place.

If you don’t know how to start an online business or how to start a business at all I will definitely recommend the book:


When you start your own business, especially if you’re starting an online business, having the understanding of what a real business requires day in and day out is key. You need a business plan, a marketing plan and to really understand what you’re revenue generating activities are.

Of course the cornerstone of your online business is your website. You shouldn’t be relying on social media for your online business, you need your own home where you own the relationship, so your online business needs a website.

It’s more professional and it will give you your own professional email address.

Blue Host http://goo.gl/or3zpx

Having a website and professional email address for your online business means you also have a platform to capture customer emails and truly on that relationship, which sets you up for email marketing.


If you want to get some great legal advice for your business, reach out ot Mitch Jaskon.





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The Turby's says:

I'm having troubles for the business plan, either the actual product or the plan. Any recommendations?

Alex Gutierrez says:

Hi Roberto, is there an email address I can send questions to you? Thanks, Alex.

BeachChairz says:

Much respect for this man.
I've been procrastinating for a while but I've been getting back into trying to start my ish now, and this is just what I needed.

Mike M. says:

Hey Roberto, what do you think about Squarespace for someone with a small budget and no coding experience?

George Danar says:

Love your desktop pic. Ty for all your great vids and all the hard work they take to produce.

Texas Gal Treasures says:

Great tips!

TechSome TV says:

As usual, another very very useful video :)

Michael A. Emeritz says:

Thanks for making this video, man! Perfect timing for me, and very helpful.

Cleeshoe1 Art says:

Very informative and positive !

From Elio's Lens says:

Awesome video!

Mary Diva16 says:

This information was really helpful. Thank you!

Travis Kraft says:

Thanks for the tips.

Bobby And Jess says:

I liked the own email account with your website, everything I see someone using Gmail or yahoo, I sometimes don't conduct business with them, it looks more shady, depending on the business.

Heiki Raudsepp says:

Good stuff. Thanks!

beatsdddx says:

Great advice this a super helpful video!. …..peace!

Living Free Forever says:

LOVE this video. This is something I STRONGLY believe in. I have worked from home for about 30 years and got online in 1995. Slowly over the years as the Internet became more user friendly and more people got online the more my businesses became "online". I'm still really learning how social media works and it is amazing. I think EVERYONE should have an online business EVEN IF one has a regular and profitable job. I say this because it is great to have a secondary income coming in just in case one gets fired, laid off or one just gets tired of their boss…they can see "See ya" and not worry about not having income coming in. Even if one never leaves their job…that secondary income can be done on a person's own time, do something they really love while making money at it & have that extra income for the unexpected. 🙂 Great video Roberto. Melody

[GOLD] Edit Ninja says:

the 4 dislikes are people who hate people.
nuff said

KTMX says:

That's great

The Jebdude says:

I started a record label with my brother last September and it's been going pretty well. We are still building the professional website and all other other digital stuff. Thanks for video, very helpful as always!

Rotter Tube Reef says:

Great video, agree with all said. I would also like to add, open a separate checking account for your business. you should never combine finances. Always keep your money separate for tax reasons. Much easier that way. You can do your own taxed with your business via turbo tax. Been doing it for years.

Darkside350 says:

What's the best theme for an online t shirt company?

Kid Carson Media SEO says:

Thanks again Roberto. You cut the meat right off the bone with this one. Succinct and to the point as usual. Anybody thinking about starting an online business will find this of benefit. And if they don't? Well let's not even go there 🙂

Thanks man!

Javi_SoccerBoy 14 says:

Thanks man

Ethan Smith - "The Ethan is Awesome" says:

I remember when you only had 20k. I feel that it's sad seeing you get bigger because you won't be able to communicate with everyone anymore. Anyway, congrats on almost hitting 100k and have a good day. :)

woods677 says:

whos the jelouse A$$hole that disliked a video thats been made just to help ppl like myself out to start online WOW

funforanthony says:

Hey does anyone know any good photo editors

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