5 Small Businesses You Can Start at Home

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5 Small Businesses You Can Start at Home
Starting a Online Business is something you can do easily from by working from home and make money online.

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Staring a Small Business from Home has probably never been easier than it is today. There are several simple small businesses you can start with little to know investment or things you already have, and I will cover them into today’s small business video.

Here are some recommended Small Business Books that can help you out:

Start Your Own Business: http://amzn.to/1T2ub7C
Small Operator: http://amzn.to/1Mb7rwC
The Daily Entrepreneur: http://amzn.to/1NgcGtw
The $100 Startup: http://amzn.to/1NgcJpb

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David Hayman says:

Thanks Roberto! Great tips!

I'm curious how can someone avoid over extending themselves or over saturating their content with advertising?

P.S I'm just starting out so any advice is hugely appreciated.

Tim Halloran says:

There are so many opportunities to start at home now – all depends on your skill set – or you can learn some new skills. Thanks for another great video.

karishma rai says:

wow that really gona help :-).

kishan Singh says:

make ebay online business

rhima says:

i liked it . cette video est vraiment superbe. merci beaucoup pour toute tes videos. thanx a lot . i do a llot of busness online and i like your videos.. greating from france

Charles Gill says:

Don''t forget you can combine multiple of these ideas,!

Thanks for the great video!

Empowermommy.com says:

What I like about your videos is that you speak truthful and helpful things. no gimmicks. I'm working on an empowerment website and I definitely am taking notes.

kyha states says:

So glad I subscribed to this!

libe salinas says:

hey that was very nice of you to do this I have no startup money and I'm retired but I need some extra income Thanks

Mohammed Abduli says:

I just subbed

luciferaurum says:

This was pretty useful. Thanks a lot!

Michael Mosley says:

How did you learn your graphic design skills? I enrolled in a graphic design course awhile back and dropped out the first semester because I wasn't so sure about whether I wanted to do that sort of thing, but I have been drawing and painting all my life on and off and was told that my designs/artwork was marketable if I had it digitized for sale or marketing, etc. How would an artist such as myself get my colorful artwork digitized for designs on tee shirts and other stuff?

Gail Becker says:

Please don't forget the free work at home businesses.

myfootinyourass10 says:

Awesome Guy Thanks! I subed,

M Dismukes says:

Can I have your email or talk to you about paying you for your information so I can get started working on my own.

tripper nelly says:

How do you find the copywriter/writing work? Your video is AWESOME, btw!

Brian J. says:

Thank you for the Inspiration.

On the rise & ambitious says:

Excellent video!

Mark Jones says:

Thank you for this vid, I just tried you out and I like what I hear!  I'll have to listen to you until I get a better idea about your lessons, I'm an old guy and I got to let it seep through several layers before it takes hold.  I plan to keep watching your program for instruction and enlightenment.

don luchie says:

How do you get paid ?

anca onofrei says:

That is why I started etsy! You don't have to spend much to get started and you can budget promoting. Thanks for the other ideas too!

Michelle Jackson says:

r u a gemini?

Nashid Al-Amin says:

Very enlightening. You mentioned writing on line articles, etc. I write and would like to hear more.. did not see an email address. can you flash one on your next video?

anthony herboomanc says:

great video and excellent tips.

MultiMillyon says:

I'm 16 just trying to start my own stuff to support my music career. thanks for the video. If I'm not being rude, i would like to know how much you can make from these businesses

Tough Journeyman says:

Where can a newbie learn about affiliate marketing indepth?

MogwaiSstudio says:

Is there a business for poster art, I feel that it is my strongest point in design and don't want to abandon it due to specific categories of business 

Inner Geek Designs says:

Currently I am doing graphic and web design services also ecommerce. I use woocommerce for all the products i physically have in stock. All my other designs I have that I can not get on products due to budget restraints I put on redbubble.

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