Shaving My Head Before Starting Chemotherapy

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I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) in January 2014. I will be starting my first round of Chemotherapy, on February 7th. I decided to have my hair shaved before starting treatment. We celebrated, love and life…..with a little champagne! The fight has just begun!!

My sister will keep you updated on my journey here:

Thank you to the love of my life, and husband, Michael. My precious, beautiful daughter, Stephanie, Her sweet husband, and my second son, Tim. Taylor, my granddaughter, who makes my heart happy… every minute. My little sister, Belinda…. I got this sis. My brother-in-law Tom, you always leave us laughing. Last, but certainly not least, Perry Joy….my niece, with her heart of gold. Not here for this video, but with me in spirit, Shane… buddy, my stepson…I love you. PS I love you, Paul

There are no words to express, just how much I love my family. I am the luckiest girl ever, to have them by my side. When you say your prayers, please remember them.

I thank you ALL for your kindness, your prayers, your laughter, and your friendship. I am reading every single one of your encouraging words….. every one. You give me strength, through your love, and support. A special thank you, to my crazy, strong, amazing friend Tammy, aka uppiesbeads59. You are the true definition of “friend”. I may not be doing hair tutorials anytime soon…..but I WILL be back!

Thank you, dear sweet Heather…. for being such an important part of this journey. We all love you!

Always remember to love deeply, each and every day….and don’t forget to check your boobies……it could save your life!




Natalie Benton
PO Box 18
Andover, KS 67002

I was inspired by Ashley….a brave young girl, I don’t even know.

Thank you to our talented videographer, from The Brickhouse, Inc., Craig Beebe. Also, my new YouTube friend, Toni Means, for taking photographs.

Special thanks to, LICENSE TYPE: Photography & Videography Streaming, Internal & External Uses // Single Use | Perpetual // Any Size, for use of the beautiful song “Hold onto Hope Love”, by Amy Stroup Any money made from this video donated to breast cancer research. We need a cure!


Peggy Gregory says:

I came across your makeup videos last night. I am sitting here weeping as I am watching this video. You are a beautiful lady and I will keep you in my prayers. I lost my sister to cancer last year and it was devastating. I am so glad you shared your journey with us. God bless you.

wanda henwood says:

I just came across your channel and was amazed at your kind soft voice and your positive words …I did shed some tears as I watched …your journey and to see your family and friends stand up to walk beside you through the battle with cancer …god bless

Phyllis Emery says:

I'm crying! You are SO beautiful! Your family is beautiful! Not sure how things are going for you, but I am praying for you! Every day!

Grace Mcilwaine says:

oh my gosh! i was in tears. 18-26 seconds your so beautiful<3 your a fighter

Julianna Danielle E. Emano says:

My mama will start her chemotherapy due to breast cancer stage2b next week. This made me cry… Thank you for this video. God bless :-)

vicki johnson says:

I'm crying because you are beautiful!! and your husband and family love you so..I can see it in all of your eyes! Much happiness and love to you ..beautiful lady!!


You are awesome

dr3allan says:

Amazing ! You are such a strong beautiful lady and your family is so sweet and supportive you guys brought me in tears I wish you well and fast recovery and a long healthy life with your amazing family !

Coopdizzle says:

The feels. I wish my shaving video was this beautiful.

April Sorenson says:

That was absolutely breathtaking. The support from your family brought me to tears.
FancyThatWithCandice brought me here and I am so glad she did.

ann nicholl says:

Hi there , I am new to your channel an have to say I know how u felt gettin your hair shaved , I have had to do it twice had leukemia in 2007 then in 2013 I took breast cancer , I wish u well lots of love from Ireland xx

Dale Montgomery says:

You look good with it buzz off

Smith Island Inn says:

I am shaving my head for chemo for ovarian cancer this weekend and letting my four young kids give me the haircut then shaving it completely, this helped me more than you will ever know…

Malley Cakes says:

Just discovered you. Thank you for sharing so much with us. I could hardly watch this video. I shaved my daughter-in-law's head earlier this year when she was in the hospital, receiving chemo. Her cancer was different than yours (she had leukemia), and unfortunately she did not survive. I'm so glad you are doing well. I am a fellow survivor!

Tatiana2011ify says:

Wow, this video made me cry. You are so beautiful 

tina normoyle says:

Natalie I cried from start to finish, u are amazing xoxo

ThePizzageek says:

Your dignity blows my mind, I have the same BC as you had and I'm watching these videos to prepare myself mentally for the hair cut and all the rest…..  You give me courage, hope you're doing well

ladysmithrose says:

Wow that was so moving  ,,l'm in  tears here 

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