See Rob Kardashian’s Dramatic Weight Loss, Thanks to Blac Chyna!

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Blac Chyna Snapchat’s footage of Rob Kardashian’s dramatic weight loss.


Ketty Leah says:

I honestly don't really understand how weight loss green store tea work but have lost about 4 pounds in about two weeks without any changes to my diet!

charon banks says:

Im proud of Rob k and Chyna! Even though she be stooping to other people's levels with the nonsense, She's a grown woman and so is he, so let them be happy without all that extra mess people be saying! Rob wanted to get the fuck away from his very public dysfunctional family and Chyna provides some type of normalcy he's been looking for!! His dad is now a woman, his mama is acting like the man, his sisters are controlling whores, and he just didn't want to be apart of that mess anymore! And he's smart for distancing himself from the foolishness! Black Chyna is a good fit for him!

Kanesha Ponders says:

Yass Blac Chyna take their brother and make him glow up!!

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