Representations of Gender in Advertising

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This culture jam is a school project that was created for a Women and Gender Studies class at the University of Saskatchewan by Sarah Zelinski, Kayla Hatzel and Dylan Lambi-Raine.
We wanted to show how ridiculous media portrays gender roles and stereotypes in advertising through presenting gender roll reversals.

References to the statistics:
Dines & Mumez – Gender, Race and Class in Media: A Text Reader
Levin & Kilbourne – So Sexy So Soon


Pandodous says:

Don't know why I haven't see it before ! Love your video because, it tells them the truth. But maybe add are made for men cause they earn more money for the same jobs in countries where women can work ! (Not everywhere then can not everywhere they earn the same. do models for underwear you will earn more money).

Joshua Celeste says:

you're one dumb fuck

Doctor Turdmidget says:

Don't care. Jacked off anyway.

blthetube1 says:

So men are now depicted as idiots and buffoons to sell products to women….What's your point

Gustavo Moreno says:

Video songs are these:
Metric – Poster Of A Girl
The Raveonettes – Aly, Walk with me
Eagles of Death Metal – I want you so hard
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion

Steven Funk says:

Nicely Done!

retro says:

Amusing video. I agree that objectification of women is a problem… but suggesting a connection between advertising and violence against women is quite a stretch!

angelcassiel13 says:

which are the songs?

GrilledSoap says:

I overall agree with this video, but the "role reversal" part toward the end was stupid. Of course the pictures look stupid. If they were taken by professionals, edited, used muscular and overtly sexualized men, and were properly choreographed, most of them would look like pretty legitimate ads.

Pizza Cat says:

So many butthurt white men in the comments.

David Byrhtnoth says:

I respect and share your sentiments, but fail to understand how you apparently could not find male role model which is as sexy as female role model. Your failure to do this is EXTREMELY sexist.

Robert Leather says:

Sorry, you admit that hyper-aggressive and sexualized ads of men are leading to (actually grossly) increased suicide rates…. but you go ahead and do it anyway? 

You've carefully picked a range of adverts that gained notoriety for being appalling and offensive and then stated they are the norm. 

High rates of rape in Canada could of course be attributed to the terrible rate of conviction or even prosecution.

And while I'm on the subject of picking apart your video, domestic violence towards men is ostensibly ignored by support groups and rarely leads to conviction… despite levels being as high was 65% of that of "on female" abuse. In the UK in 2013 reported crime for domestic violence was 
1.2 million women and,
784,000 men

Later studies show that reporting by men to be as low as just 20%. So actual figures could in fact be the other way around. Yet men receive almost no support our counselling and many fear reporting the crime will lead to THEM being identified as the perpetrator and not the victim. 

But that's OK. You just show an image of a couple of men being abused… obviously it's "hilarious" right.

AND THE FUCKING MALBORO MAN! Are you kidding me!?

Sean Kelley says:

Damn and I thought Canada was like some kind of Utopian country where every one is polite to each other

FMAiscool says:

Cool video. It really shows what the media has done to the representation of women and men. It shows how ridiculous all of it is and makes me question my own choices and behavior.

D Stud says:

What I learned is that the Canadian "Eh?" is actually spelled "Hey?"  

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