Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (ABC)

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Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (ABC)
Another Great logo Designing tutorial explaining how to simplify your design. In this logo basic circle has played an important role in forming the words. Three circle are being used with some constant thickness. In the same way a rectangle of same thickness is used to complete letter “b”.
The whole designing process behind this LOGO is the combination of both technical as well as manual.

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Professional Logo Design VOL-1

Professional Logo Design VOL-2


LeBearDotNet says:

Just brilliant! I've made a purchase of PLD V2 after watching a couple of your videos. I'll be purchasing V1 when I can as well!

meme kid says:

please bro, can i use this design for my work/commercial use?

Nex St says:

Pathfinder doesn't work like in this tutorial, or it delete b, or line .

ashraf uzzaman says:

damn cool work man. How can you do that? hats off buddy!

Luna Records says:

Great video x

khalid al haj says:

thank you for every thing . i like this tutorial . i need learn this Technique . thank you :)

tarek kabo says:

very good

Baacha Sahib says:

my best teacher how to creater the red background like ur red background.

Baacha Sahib says:

very nice tutorial. can i design my full name like this design. my name is Baacha Sahib. plz replay me.

Kateryna Bilyk says:

good work. nice one. 🙂 thank you

Amila Lakmal says:

A Genuine Piece of Art !! Thanks 100000000++

M.K.Naser Nellichode says:

super idea

Gopal Gorsia says:

very fantastic way to do logo with basic shapes thanks for sharing

Suparp Liewaeee says:

Can you help me for create a logo farm?

Matthias TSI says:

Reminds me of the logo

Rita Shamoun says:

nice work

Stefan Malic says:

Awesome work man!

tom Jones says:

I thank you so much for this tutorial. I have a question. If you were to choose different letters would you be designing this in the same way? In my case because I am working on a logo, the letters I need are s&s. How could I design similar to how you did with my letters?

Mon Ver Ser (Digital04) says:

Gracias, solo tengo una duda, cuando termino la que sería la letra "c" me queda encerrada en un recuadro de color rojo que no se quita, aunque en formato JPG no afecta, gracias nuevamente.

cisco montano says:

Thank you!

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