New Photo of Saint West, Rob Kardashian Weight Loss, Mike Tyson Selling $1.5 Million Palace (PICS)

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New Photo of Saint West, Rob Kardashian Weight Loss, Mike Tyson Selling $1.5 Million Palace (PICS)

On Friday morning, March 12, Kim Kardashian shared yet another photo of Saint West. She captioned the photo, “You’re the sun in my morning babe.”

Meanwhile, everyone’s talking about Rob Kardashian and how he has lost so much weight. Reports say that Blac Chyna is helping him and the couple took to Snapchate on Friday, March 12 to reveal a pic of him. Some reports say that Rob’s weight loss is being helped by a prescription drug that helps people lose weight, Apidex P. Some say it is through exercise and just plain ole healthy eating. Blac Chyna is even posting pics of their healthy eating. But Chyna and Rob have been dating for the past two months and things turned pretty serious between them. Of course you know that the Kardashians are concerning about him seeing Chyna but from the looks of it, it appears that she is really helping him especially with his weight. A couple of months ago, Rob feel sick and was diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor ordered him to lose the weight.

Chyna shared another video of the couple heading to Jamaica for a romantic vacation. They were spotted at LAX as they departed from Los Angeles on Saturday, March 13. Of course, Rob revealed his much slimmer figure in a track suit.


MIKE TYSON Selling Las Vegas Palace (PICS)

Former Heavyweight champion is selling his Las Vegas palace for $1.5 million. Sources say it looks like modern day hotel. Tyson lived in the 5,800 square foot mansion since 2008 and has decided to move out of the 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom mansion for a bigger place down the road. This palace also includes 3 fireplaces, a wine cellar, media room, hot tub, infinity pool.

Mike Tyson’s Vegas Home

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