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Process creation logo Business result

In this video you can see how to make a logo from beginning to the end with 7 different versions logos to decide final one, which was create in adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator, i hope you guys enjoy the video and the time it took to make it. if you have any suggestions on a next video please let me know in the description below. Like and subscribe for more!

Tools used:
• Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
• wacom intuos

Time video has been increased to 2700%





SwayGFXDesigns says:

process was a1 , nice work

palunko black says:

Great, thanks for this video. and beautiful logo.

MAD Graphics Studio (Mohamed Altag) says:

simply amazing … didn't take my eyes off the screen through out the whole 14 minutes ..

Alessio says:

where i can find mockup psd?

Halfus92 says:

My god so much work put into it, but god do I love the end result.
Some people trully have no idea how much work and effort is put in those small things that most enjoy.

Cameron Hamman says:

Would make a great Premier League logo

nachliele says:

Wow, wow, wow!!! This process is awesome- from beginning to end. Loved the way you actually drew in photoshop & skipped the whole scanning process, going right to grids. Awesome! End logo is perfect!

Zeroh says:

wow, very inspirational :)

Hyperion says:

Excellent design process!!! Beautiful Logo!!! Amazing video. Many people take Graphic Designers for granted, at least in my country. They have no idea about works behind a simple logo.

Dems says:

Nice. I wanna get into Logo designing..

Tim Wright says:

Vitaliy, this is a fantastic example of your awesome skills! Great logo options for your customer! What illustrator tools are you using and how are you creating such great shapes from 7mins 40secs onwards?

Hassan Jukhadar says:

Inspiring, great work

An Dre says:

That's impressive.. want to make a logo too but.. holy crap, never thought of that much efford to put in.

Brian Leiter says:

Great logo! Thanks for sharing your process. How many hours did that take?

Slame says:

Can you make me a Logo? Skype: igago.official

Andrew Red says:

wow, that design is incredibly awesome

Indio Armani says:

where is this lion come from? why its not a cat or crocodile? I mean I want to understand the background/ brainstorming of this design. how lion relate to this company name. Thanks, best logo video so far.

dzin' says:

Спасибо! Сразу не заметил)

dzin' says:

Круто! Каким планшетом пользуетесь?

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