Facebook Advertising – Learn How to Advertise on Facebook In Just a Few Minutes

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Facebook Advertising – Learn how to advertise on Facebook in just a few minutes with business coach and Facebook Marketing Expert Nick Unsworth, CEO of the Business Coaching company, Life on Fire!

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Facebook advertising can appear to be complicated and expensive. However, in this quick video, you’ll learn that is far from the case.

Watch as Nick walks you through exactly how to set up your first campaign on screen using Facebook’s ad platform. This includes, how to set your target audience, how to set your bid, and tips on making your ad convert well.

Getting your targeting right is one of the most critical parts to making your ads successful.

Pay close attention to that part of the video!

And, let’s not forget how important it is to choose the right image and right copy to make your ad stand out and make it compelling (so people want to click on it).

Nick also covers why you must make sure you ad will displayed in the mobile newsfeed.

Discover what precise interest targeting is and why you’re likely going to want to use it often in your Facebook advertising.

And, learn how to upload your email list if you have one and why you would want to run ads to your own email list as a custom audience.

As with anything marketing related, you’re always going to optimize and test your ad campaign and marketing funnel. No matter how well your ads are performing, A.B.T.!

Always Be Testing!

There may be small tweaks you can make to reduce your cost or increase your conversions.

If you follow Nick’s proven Facebook advertising system, you can get likes for pennies, clicks for under a dollar, and leads for a few dollars or less.

Nick has built two six-figure businesses using Facebook advertising. He sold the first business in 2013 for $500,000.

Enjoy the video!

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Video URL: http://youtu.be/Jgo2jSKG2vY


Joselito Rodriguez says:

Great Video, Thank you.
Whats the best time or days for me to start running my ad, i have a very small budget.

StavrosMusic says:

I gotta tell you – I like your vids, but FB is bullshit. I have tried for about two hours to get an add going for my website opt-in page and some error messages keep coming up. Also FB made me create a new page that has nothing to do with what I am doing and now I can't get rid of it – the whole fucking FB thing is shit – although I do like your vids

valiente520 says:

Good video bro!

Audrey Appleby says:

thank you.  I'm going to give it a try.

Daniel Reichard says:

I saw this guy on Tai lopez. Pretty cool to see I found you just by googling how to learn facebook ads. This guy obviously knows what he's doing.

the business handler says:

hey if I am trying to promote ebooks on amazon do I have to create a website to use facebook ads or can I send them straight to my ebooks?

Brian Kerogoi says:

I'm sorry but why the royalty free music?

BboyUndercover says:

can i ask about the price? and the cost to create one?

Lala says:

Why so many dislikes? Great video!

Envision Worx says:

this was an awesome introduction into facebook advertising worth paying for…but thanks for not charging lol

chad huisman says:

Ya …This Guy works for Facebook…nice try!! Blue logo, blue wristband, and what again is the logo color for Facebook? You guessed it…. its blue! Facebook was much better when a profit wasnt apart of their motive.

ZeeStyle says:

This was extremely helpful! Thank you for such and awesome vid =).

Nick V says:

At https://youtu.be/Jgo2jSKG2vY?t=648 I think you mean it'll drive down your cost per click not your CTR. The phone call probably threw you off! LOL. Love your content.

Ray Torres says:

Good stuff. Really like the pay it forward. I think i'll try it myself.

HamzaConnection says:

Great video lots of good information in just 12 min thanks for sharing!

André João says:

Hey there. I see that facebook updated the ads manager. Everything is the same, but in my case, when I'm trying to type my 3 "competitors" in the interests, they don't show up. Anyone knows what I can do to have the people that like my competitors pages, to be targeted by my ads, since they don't appear in the interests?

Colin Burnett says:

Really good value man..

dirtfishingirl says:

Thanks for the video, putting it to use

Dominique Byfield says:

Hey nick thanks for this awesome video, one question… After you create the campaign do you have to post it or just wait?

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