Adobe Illustrator CC | Logo Design Tutorial (Crystal Clear)

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Here’s another awesome Logo Design Tutorial from Kdigits using Adobe Illustrator CC version. This tutorial is all about making clear and transparent graphic design. It will show you how to create transparency effects in logo design.
Moreover how to make leaf using create gradient mesh in Illustrator.

As always tutorial has been recorded in a very simple and easy to follow way, I hope this illustrator tutorial can enhance your illustration skills.

Happy Watching. . . |’◡’|

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Krikor Yaylayan says:

Adobe Illustrator is the best graphic design creator and easy way I suggest to every designer.

Nora !Q8. says:

شلون اقدر انزل البرنامج !

badrun run says:

can you give me the link

JRophan Designs says:

very cool.

podbarac says:

jebo te rad bez i jednog objašnjenja , puši ga

Joshy George says:


noel pareja says:

great tutorial!!!sir can you teach me how to put a 4 square beside, i am beginner,thanks in advance!

Himel Hasan says:

I am now Learning.<Amazing>

Anjali Gupta says:

Thank sir for the beautiful tutorial

Jean-François PHILIPP says:

Fantastique !!! thankssss

shanzida begum says:

very nice


Caro amigo seus videos são ótimos, aprendi muito como você. e aproveitando qual o nome dessa música?

Kamil Güvenç says:

Thank you for your tutorial. You are really good at teaching, but the only is that, you should write the color codes that your are using in your project in order to catch the same colors who tries your designs.

karim al arraby says:

عمل رائع، واصل

pRjWl ChapaGain says:

hey can u make logo for me my name:prajwal    pleaseeeee

Pashto Panra says:

can i get psd file for this logo i ll be th;ankful

Muhammad Talha says:

Very Useful good effort

kumi patrick says:

I am now learning. very nice

Mskstudiobhavani Mskstudiobhavani says:


Hoàng Văn An says:

Thank you so much!

007davida1 says:

I actually love this logo

Bichout Zed says:

شكرا أستاذ

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