3 Rules of a Good Logo Design

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3 rules of a good logo design! So you are welcome to watch it and ask me any questions!

Once again, here’s what I’m talking about: Every business needs a Logo. A Logo is like a signature of every business.
But how to understand the difference between a good logo and a bad logo?
And what actually makes a good Logo?
1. Practical. A good Logo should be able to work in any size and in any color. It should be functional on all types of media, like a large billboard or a small pen. So, basically, all you need is a high resolution vector logo, so that your image can be scaled up as large as you want or scaled down and without loosing any quality.
And here are few examples of good practical logos.
2. Memorable. A good logo should be memorable. And to achieve that — it has to be simple. Logos with simple elements and simple forms are easily recognised, memorable and the most effective.
A great way to find out if your logo is memorable enough — is to show it to your friend, and then the week after ask your friend to reproduce it.
And here are some examples of good, memorable, famous, but at the same time — simple logos.
3. Timeless. A good logo should be timeless. Trends come and go, but a good logo should be effective in like 10 or even 20 years. And by the way, usually big companies don’t change their logos, they just slighly improve their design.
One more thing! A good logo doesn’t nessesarily need to say what a company does. Nike logo doesn’t show shoes, mercedes logo isn’t a car, apple logo isn’t a computer. But at the same time- these are the logos with like a hidden meaning, secret meaning — and this is what makes these logos designed in a perfect way.

Videography by Kseniya Fedorchuk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGav1Gijj8G8yUSOEBoce0w






Advantage says:

Great tips! Simple and to the point! Thanks

W.Y Ifan says:

i wish you make some logo design tutorials. especially finish part in photoshop. thank you so much

TheSupamario11 says:

nice video, to add to your point on memorability in a logo, a memorable logo usually has a concept attached to it , also logos like nike , mercedes and apple because of intense marketing and brand strategy were able to give meanings to these marks thus making them memorable not because of the design itself, memorable marks are different as sometimes they create a twist in the similar forms we see everyday, fedex is memorable because of the concept of moving using a simple arrow and the clever use of negative space, using a neutral typeface we see everyday yet twisting it the e and the x to form the arrow thats where memorable logos come from the aha i get it , like a joke

Auny II says:

I have another question?…..of this logo design which is the best (ai) file size for create logo [I mean that thing,to understand ..i send you a screenshort in your facebook messanger] ……oh one more thing…..in the logo design I will do what's background- white color or transparency

Auny II says:

thanks….i hope….i can figure out this………

Auny II says:

Hii……. I have some new question ?
1. what is branding? logo and branding is the same thing?
2. if it is not, then which rule i should follow for make that branding…..and which application is useing for this design (AP/Ai)?

AhmedBest ProoGamer says:

I subbed your channel and liked this video plzz back me sub

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