Warning: The US Economy Is Projected To Crash In The Next 2-3 Months: Jeff Nielson

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Today’s Guest: Jeff Nielson

Bullion Bulls Canada

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Nordic Contempt says:

Best set up Trump enters office in 2017 inheriting an utter leaky bag of shit and he goes medieval to rebuild domestic economy….even a single global currency which would enhance efficiencies in trade….. cant help individual economies recover.

Semantics Simple says:

LMFAO. " I think its possible that one of these politicians might not be telling the truth"

irishslave51 says:

Basically elimination into extinction! My neighbor just got a 60% cut on his pension. I warned him of this coming, but he scoffed. Now he (somewhat) gets it. But many Americans won''t totally get it until they are totally broke – sad!! So, we can see QE is done, and bail-ins (think Greece), are in!! The elites have to bring done America on equal footing with the rest of the planet to usher in their new order! The term New World Order is common now, which once was hardly ever said by the main stream news, so that shows you how close we are now!

Jos Boersema says:

6:006:30 Why do the rules have to be harmonized for free trade to work ? Is this shot from the hip or was there a real argument to it. If Spain is good at making oranges, and we in the Netherlands like our oranges in small wooden crates and hand weeded, while the Spanish prefer to put them in bigger cartboard boxes and prefer to use chemicals for weeding, then if the Spanish want to take advantage of our market then all they have to do is modify some of their production to fit our market. That is already quite a radical example because in fact few nations even have such differences, despite having all different legal systems. That is just what trade is about: you don't have to know the other party, you don't have to live like them, you don't have to worship the Emperor: you inspect the product as it comes to you, and your trading partner can hold the money you give them to the light, and if all is agreed at that point then the trade goes through.

Harmonization of law is very marginally benefitting certain big companies who then don't have to make specialized production and invest in certain machinery and training. For such a marginal goal of private ultra-greedy ultra-wealthy, entire national Sovereignties is sacrificed. This is shameful.

This effect of economic specialization causing production efficiency, is nothing new. It happens on a family scale as well, then village scale, provincial and even some internationally. However what economist tend to overlook is the massive cost of corruption once a Government exists over too many people. The poeple cannot control their Govermnent anymore, which lays more and more taxation on them by being more and more corrupt, causing economic losses that are no longer compensated by the larger scale of the specialization group. What economists also fail to realize is that once you have nations increasingly specialized and thus no longer self sufficient and contained, they will become the toy of international market forces, who will manipulate them to their own ends – and since that invariably wil be about losses, the peak performance of globally integrated specialization that was theoretically possible, will not be met.

A world wide Empire of harmonized law will mean that this law can never be changed anymore, and that the poeple have the least control over their ruling gangsters. The losses that this will entail will quite likely be staggering and cause the masses to either rebel into Revolution, or end up enslaved as they where in the middle ages. This is incidentally what the United Nations is designed to accomplish (see article 29 section 3 of the UDHR, please do look that up.)

A practical example of how this works is to compare the Internet system in the Netherlands (17 million people), with that of Sweden (some 10 million). Sweden has glass fibre for all (so I was told by a Swede anyway), and we don't. The Swede said the system here is crap. So how can 10 million people do so much better then 17 million, while the total economic specialization and integration logic would dictate that we do better ? Because the cost of corruption skyrockets when the poeple no longer can contain their own Govermnent due to the size of the Sovereignty – or at least that is one among other effects to take into consideration. This effect cuts right against the economist superficial thinking that bigger is better.

Which leads to the question: why do the economists keep hammering on this superficial idea that bigger is beter ? Because they serve the big corporations, and where "educated" by the academia that is dominated by the big corporations as well. This domination comes about because many academics aren't academics at all, they are merely there to score a high level paper to lick off the backs of the hard working people below them who have more practical educations. Why do the more intelligent get better pay ? One reason may well be: to shut them up, because they could wage Revolution against the banks, whereas the lowest educated never can. Once the more intelligent started to wage a little Reform (for their own greed, but of course), they could easily be shut down by higher wages – so this is a natural social effect. It's a system of hierarchical bribery infesting the entire society. The ultimate cost is born in the war torn third world, and then we see the overall effect of the international Sovereignty, uniting and harmonizing all law again for what it is: Imperial domination. (Sorry my opinion.)

The problem is that the corporations get ever larger and more powerful. What we need is a law that sets a maximum on company size. We can either cut down the companies and retain some measure of free markets that way, or we can all become slaves to the final Corporation in the name of freedom. Either we cut them down, or they will unite us under their rule, making us poor in the name of imaginary economic efficiency. The companies must serve those who work there, not external financier parasites. To cut down the parasites we need a set of other laws, a good one is a (quite high) private wealth maximum, a law that prohibits trade in debt papers, a law that limits the length of time that uncollateralized debt can be claimed, and/or more traditional law such as an interest maximum (law against usury). Government debt should be outlawed in Constitutional law, because only that can (and is meant to) control politicians (who make all other law). If Governments take on debt, this debt can be fixated to the individual private politician having made those deals – as a form of punishment. If the politician cannot pay that debt, they can be sold into slavery to the foreign nation with whom they made the debt deals, and pay it off there.

Roman Nowicki says:

Its always just about to crash. I guess if you keep saying it, one day you'll be right.
BTW: 7mins in: Jeff makes a very interesting observation about free-trade being a race to the bottom by manipulating currencies (something only Trump talks about). And instead of expanding upon the possible malevolent ideology and motives behind that, Dave X22 just says "Lets move on to some other blah blah index"… try and have a conversation we need to go deeper.
Having said that, an interesting and alarming interview, where Jeff agrees with many of the fears raised by "Conspiracy Theorists".

Dyan Bermeo says:

I hope a lot more people loose their jobs.

Roxanne Fennell says:

Jeff is right………..The global economy wants to DEFLATE/RESET to LOWER PRICES because of demographics, debt, overcapacity and wages that have not kept up with inflation. Central Banks are fighting deflation with 0 interest rates and QE. The Central Banks want inflation so they will keep creating currency …………The BIG question is? What will happen…….will we have more deflation or will we have inflation caused by the Central Banks.

theswagler says:

I keep hearing how Trump is going to save us, I just found that Hillary and Trump are the only two candidates left, that are of the same bloodline that has ruled us forever. I agree with Nielson, accept the people being able to do anything about it.
They've been preparing, 1812 till 1913, 1914 till now. And we are just now going to turn the tables on them, fix everything?

Starship Trooper says:

I've heard this for the past 10 years…

Frantz Sylvain says:

Keep your eyes open for a major false flag event between now and 2020 then they'll crash it soo after.

juicejrc says:

Hope it crashes….

Marco-Hans Van Der Willik says:

Good/reasonble thoughts regarding Precious Metals (PMs) but I struggle to see how the banks can crash PMs to new lows given the already constrained physical market.

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