US Economy Is Tumbling Into An Economic Collapse That Will Shock The World – Episode 921a

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Report date: 03.17.2016

Gold slammed down and now pushing back up. Initial jobless claims at 42 year lows even though more retail stores are closing and corporations are laying off. Real income is going to decline this year. Baltic Dry index declines again, the dead count bounce is over. All the signs are pointing to a recession/depression as corporate and bank profits decline. Caterpillar revenue declines again. Moody’s downgrades Saudi Arabia

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Rob Hodge says:

Hey…. this channel is peddling fiction…. :/ Great stuff, Dave, keep it up.

radray19 says:

Instead of PM's I have been putting my money into preps and training.  I guess I will find out if I have been doing the right thing…..

Troy Brownrigg says:

I'm totally surprised, by the ideas that come across the internet Such as when the fed doesn't like the results of the inflation indexes they just change the index to fit their needs. They don't like the unemployment numbers they just don't count some of the people. the Government wants to post more jobs they count part time jobs. I really want to know what the revenues are for the Governments. Counties in Arizona are cutting 5% across the board due to lack of revenues. I can see where Corporations are posting record profits they have removed pensions totally from the top line. When these old folks pass away those pensions will not feed the economies, those social security funds they spend will disappear also. The new retirees will depend only on Social security only, which has been devalued with the purchasing power of the dollar. I believe the land grab by the US government is going to be the backing of their new currency. there is not enough gold or silver to back a new dollar, but there is enough land to back it if all the national parks / Alaskan holdings included, along with mineral rights, were sold off! If your wondering who's buying the US government bonds are, it's the states retirement funds, and those banks that took bail out money.Therefore when the collapse happens it's going to be bad for those that depend on retirement from the government!

chocolate fish says:

….Land of the Home of the ………

robilefoxx says:

If President Obama allows the financial collapse to occur to its own devices, he would be removed from Office by the 90% majority of suddenly destitute citizens. So, before it can happen "naturally", Obama must use a crisis, from a World War or an environmental disaster, to induce the collapse in the economy; blaming the crisis for what all know is certain coming economic mayhem. And, as the time for the system to implode from the massive load of quadrillions of dollars of debt is quickly approaching, President of the United States Obama must have his "other" crisis happen much sooner; likely, declaring a national emergency with martial law by April First.

Roxanne Fennell says:

The US and global economy want to DEFLATE/RESET because of demographics, debt, overcapacity and wages that have not kept up with inflation. Central Banks are fighting deflation with 0 interest rates and QE. The Central Banks want INFLATION but the global economy will win because Nature and Math always do.

Paul Drake says:

As a small plumbing business owner located about 60 miles west of Nyc. montoring a period from Nov 15 2016 – Feb 26 2016, I found that 90% of all my customers didn't even have $100 – $200 set aside for emergency's, even a 87 yr old lady on SSI, couldn't afford a basement sump pump replacement & another customer age 61 gave me a post dated check for $260 I had to hold for a week, that couple has worked for the NY MTA for 30 yrs and within 1 yr from retiring, his wife works in NY too,, so the outcome is 90% of working people or fixed income people, Have No Money. that goes for food either I'm sure. The Middle class has been sold out starting in the 70's since with a faster decline speeding down over the cliff since 2008 forward for the 99% .

MrJoecool9999 says:

The Economic collapse of America and the rest of the World is being engineered by the Worlds Banks – it is Economic slavery pure and simple – and our Politicians and our Political systems have been corrupted in order to get them to play along – almost every Economy in the world is in major unsustainable Debt and no-one ever wants to talk about who Owns all this Debt and how they came about obtaining it – there is a Fundamental principal in Law that is religiously ignored in All this and it is that :- anything earned/gained/achieved by Fraud has no Lawful standing and is therefor Void…..!

cynthia rouse says:

In other words most people don't have a pot left to pis* in. ; – )
Good times, America….

Brad Fuller says:

X 22 and Dave tells it like it is and his warnings at the end should be heeded. Wall Street on Parade just posted a fine article on how corporate America views the world. Lets just say America and Americans do not figure into their calculations at all….!!

Big Red says:

Precious metals = Brass with lead inside.

Michael Lolwut says:

still waiting for this economy to collapse I'm doing overtime

Nadim Younas says:

if you really believe what you say, go bet the farm that it will collapse

ogbobbye says:

auto and banks which got bailed out in 09 are leading us to this Economic Collapse and it will be worse this time. they are cranking out cars and trucks in recorded numbers and giving loans on them to people who would have a hard time getting a payday loan.

Charlie Silverman says:

It seem they create fictional fiat money at interest which can never be paid
back, then when the world defaults the private banking cartel steal all
the physical assets of the planet, sounds like a plan!. whats the difference between a medievil feudal system compared to a corporate feudal system?.

Rachel abomb says:

Keep the consumption to a low. Shop the little guy in the neighborhood and keep out of walmart and McDonalds. Stop buying Chinese junk. We have the power we just need to use it.

Debora Tessman-Mc Kenna says:

Thumb's up on this one! We prepare as much as we are able to, being older people. I keep tabs on everything. Thanks, Dave!

continentalgin says:

Excellent reporting and analysis. Thanks Dave!!

Truthkeeper says:

you say they are losing control I personally think they have it under control it broke a hi today

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