Peter Schiff and Harry Dent Debate on Economy

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Peter Schiff on Alex Jones InfoWars 3/25/2016
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joshua jones says:

The economy is organic. and at times it needs to reset itself due to malinvestments. Peter looks at the economy as if its a living organism while Dent sees it as a giant equation. also gold correlation to inflation is not the same as causation. big difference

L Rodger says:

Peter, can you and Harry please do a meeting together like you did with Mike Maloney and perhaps you can both get your points across in a face to face meeting …. The Dent argument is driving me out of my mind !!!

Adam Rink says:

Dent's argument that gold didn't go up in the 1930s is wrong it went from $21 to $35 because FDR "printed money" by devaluing gold. If you held dollars you lost 1/3 of your purchasing power. I don't disagree with Dent if the government defaults on the debts. Odds of that first, are terrible because they will try to print their way out first, its a lot easier than saying "your pensions, social security and medicare are gone, go back to work." Look at IL they just ruled they can't reduce the state pensions.

lightfootguy says:

I've lost some respect for Dent. In a debate or discussion, the person who loses their temper also loses their credibility. Those who are secure in their facts & information do not need to yell & scream to effectively communicate.

grE68 says:

I put my money on Dent if it comes to the price of Gold…I like gold but I am not buying yet. I think 2017 will be the year to buy gold.

Rob Cinq-Mars says:

In truth neither capitalism, socialism, nor communism will work "ultimately" because they all require infinite growth…. something which is not possible in a world with finite resources. We WILL come up with a new system – and probably soon. So… a new economic system will be created – it has to be.

davenetdog says:

Alex This is the best show ever! We need more of these two together it would be a great show every time. I respect both of them and want to hear more. Alex you are a great moderator to keep these guys in neutral corners.

jmcarp98 says:

The advice Dent is giving is horrible financial advice. BUY GOLD! I live in Taiwan and over here in Asia they are buying like crazy!

jmcarp98 says:

I am buying gold and so are my Asian brothers and sisters:)

countchivas says:

Harry needs to develop some composure.

Baffington post says:

THEY WILL HAVE to create inflation, because the ONLY way to repay so huge a debt is DEVALUATING the currency.
Since printing was not enough because ALL the western central banks did the same, PRINTING, PRINTING PRINTING and ALL the money went into the financial assets, once the bubble bursts there will be NO OTHER WAY to devaluate the currency than devaluating it against REAL ASSETS, mostly GOLD.

John Smith says:

Alex Jones cuts Peter off and mute his microphone to stop him from taking loll

Patrick L says:

No surprise that Schiff picked Dent apart so easily and had him hyperventilating into nonsense.  Dent based his whole prediction on numerical business cycles, points of resistance & the '30 Depression (when printing money was unthinkable).  Markets never adhere to convenient cycles or static points resistance…especially over spans of decades and even more so while being juiced by the Fed.  Dent's prediction 'only' looks remotely plausible if the Fed vanished tomorrow and the US went back on the gold standard.  Good luck investing based on that outcome.

gene smith says:

jesus alex the boys talk, your interrupting the debate like a football referee throwing flags every play

Jordan Bryant says:

Great video. If you have a cool head while your opponent is yelling you win. Schiff got the best of him.

J YAC says:

Peter slayed this

David J says:

Alex Jones is so clueless.

cunt400 says:

btw, @Peter Schiff what were you trying to say there at the very end that got cut off?

cunt400 says:

People can say what they want about Alex, but he did a great job at allowing both guests to get their point across instead of just letting them yell over each other for 5 minutes like on any of the mainstream media outlets.

John Fenman says:

Thumbs down any video that does not verbally mention the date up front.

rj5948 says:

It's so funny listening to these fakes talking about which political system should be present in the American continent when the reality is they are not true Americans but descendants of foreign invaders. Oh the state of delusion they're in.

mdishuge says:

Alex is a terrible debate moderator

jaric says:

This dispute is about what will be reserve currency after the crash, Dollar or gold?
If Dollar will stay as reserve currency Harry is probably right. If world will move to the gold standard right is on Peter side.
I want to make just two points:
1. Money printing will end sooner or later because sooner or later inflation will hurt voters enough to become political issue.
2. It is completely possible that at the same time there is inflation in consumer prices we will have deflation in financial assets.

CeNTuRiOn33100 says:

Dent is crazy on Social Security if he thinks the average person is gonna work until 75 years old, imagine if you start working when your 21 to than 75, that's over half a century, and good luck holding a job when your in your 70's, gonna be a bumpy ride for anybody under 40 right now in the future.

c0deye1 says:


ANG says:

epic battle …..Thank you Alex , peter & herry

Bobby Christopher says:

Sorry Peter but Dent and Armstrong are RIGHT on the USD. There is no where else to park massive global capital. The USD will RISE to a very high level before it goes away. What will be hard to time is the Swap when you exchange those USDs of maximum value for other assets right before a new global monetary system is implemented with a new global currency.

Pragmatic Cynicism says:

I do like how Dent gave a straight answer of $1525 to Peter's last question…

I think Peter was as surprised as I was.

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