Everything Is Awesome Right Before The Entire Economy Collapses – Episode 920a

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Report date: 03.16.2016

Sweden is the latest country to report a housing bubble, this is something we saw prior to 2008. Signs of a recession are all around us, all you need to do is look and you will see it. CPI surges to the most since 2008. Mortgage apps are down. Industrial production is down. Baltic Dry Index levels out and starts to decline again. FED does not increase rates, but everything is awesome, job market, retail economy great, the global economy is the problem. Peter Schiff warns of major layoffs coming soon

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John Fenman says:

The economy is far from dead. There is a great deal of trade going on every day. It is hard to imagine how one would make it all grind to a total halt. People would have to stop eating but hunger is a perfect motivator. So this great collapse is really about who will end up owning what and for how much money.

Could it be the tax policies and the entitlement state that are just making it temporarily unprofitable to work? Finally government is taking so much that there is not enough left to capitalize honest business.

Mark Zano says:

The mental midgets on Wall street and the banks are at it again.  Banks loaning to anyone with a heartbeat and wall street buying up these triple D loans and selling them to idiots as AAA bonds. Of course they don't call it that.. it's VIE's or CDO's or MBS..total BS.    Exactly the same formula that brought us the 2008 financial meltdown… Hopefully with Bernie as president we can jail these assholes in a nice "pound you in the ass" federal prison and take every cent they own.  An old joke but it works for the bankers/wallstreeters… "WHAT"S 1,000 wallstreeters/bankers at the bottom of the ocean".. answer "A GOOD START"…   VOTE BERNIE… See Forbes article for more on these clowns : http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2013/01/08/five-years-after-the-financial-meltdown-the-water-is-still-full-of-big-sharks/#294af8155474Read more Show less

Anakin Skywalker (Jack) says:

Doom and despair. When it does hit, we all dead. Until then, enjoy!

solarmanhawaii says:

Based on the numerous shoppers I see here in the 50th State, you wouldn't think the economy is bad ? Everything costs a lot more these days though.

Bruce Kirk says:

Alberta stats 2016: real estate sales in down 20% year on year comparison. Average time for a house on the market 6-8 months, up 50% year on year comparison. Average house price dropped 15% and declining. Un-employment at 7.5% and expected to rise to aprox. 9% thru 2016. Most employment insurance benefits run out April-May 2016.

Eduardo Vega says:

My money is on NO rate hikes!

John Last says:

New twist, IMF wants gold standard!

Peter Daigle says:

man i love the x22 reports! keep em coming dave!

Sithembile Eugenia says:

My 3 year daughter LOVES you intro, she come all the way from her play room to dance for the tune every single time she hear it, she cannot miss it, if you can see her dance for it! its so beautiful, she calls it "Oh thats the Flashy Tune, i love it" with big smile.

Prihta Mala says:

Thank you for the report. It reminds me of Peter who also warns us to be sober and alert against Satan’s devices (1 Pet. 1:13; 5:8). Why? Because, if we are not on guard, Satan will distract us through possessions from our heavenly calling as a people for God’s own possession who are to proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called us out of darkness (the delusions of Satan) and into His marvelous light (1 Pet. 2:9).Merci GBU :)

vincent parlante says:

The SMOKIN President thinks and tells us ,that everything is great …unemployment rate is down….the same old..blah, blah, blah. ..to bad that one way rocket to Mars isn't launching tomorrow, cause I would sell him one of those one way tickets…Up,Up and away he goes…..

vivi44 says:

When will it arrive Dave? I am ready to kill my neighbor, have his way with his wife, eat their children and steal there resources in there house! When can we start rioting and looting?!

MarkTheShark says:

Just have some common sense when you prep. Do it gradually. According to channels like this one, the end is always around the corner, but this can take years or probably decades to materialize. I know people who sold their 401k or houses to buy gold. (stupid move) Be realistic, but not paranoid. Take everything with a grain of salt, the first priority of most of these people is to get viewers. Do your own research and research other opinions as well.

Henrik Wallin says:

Sorry, but the comment about Sweden is just wrong. EVERYONE here is talking about the real estate bubble, which is the safest sign you can have about that there is no bubble.

The prices have gone up due to lower property taxes and the lower cost of capital. None of these are likely to change.

For it to be a bubble, there must be building for speculation, but it's quite the opposite, and there is a HUGE demand for the new real estate that is now being build in the centers of the cities.

Sweden has the highest or second highest growth in Europe, with 4-6% growth per year and the cities are growing. The Swedish export mostly consists of products bought by infrastructure projects and industry, which will do great when the dollar crashes. Especially countries with huge dollar loans will suddenly be rich again. Countries that didn't manage to invest in anything and have huge assets in dollar will be poorer, but they didn't buy anything anyway.

Sweden is basically despite the high growth not printing enough money to keep up with the growing economy, so the currency is strong as hell, and Norway is now following the same path with QE and low rents, and even India and Indonesia is going this path. Thanks to the trust of our policies, we can borrow money for free, and we're definitely going to do that, while using the money wisely for projects that grows the economy even more. The building boom is mostly very smartly done, and when it actually gets build, it's well planned and the centrally placed houses are in high demand, and they save huge costs for people who don't have to commute for hours every day anymore.

There is just one crash to look out for, and that is the collapse of the dollar. That is going to hurt the American consumer really bad and everyone who owns dollars, but be good for the American export industry in the short run. The dollar is -2% against the euro today and that's just a taste of what to come, when the dollar export turns into a dollar import, and yuan and euro replace the dollar together with a lot of smaller currencies.

cynthia rouse says:

Crooks gonna rook you
For all that you have
While you're shoved to the gutter
They stand back and laugh
If you dare to survive
Their criminal realm
The bankers and gangsters
Pull the puppet
From the helm
They send in a patsy all
Shiny and new
But it never makes
A difference
For me
Or for you
Cause these grifters
gonna rob you
Till the end of time
So get off your as*
Or get thee
To the hangman's line

; – )

Jeanette Driskell says:

Here's a couple of statistics about our labor market taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site. In August of 2015 there were 123.4 million people officially working in the U.S. The unemployment rate was officially 5.1%. In February of 2016 there were 121.7 million people officially working in the U.S. The unemployment rate was 4.9%. There were 1.7 million fewer people working and the unemployment rate went down .2%. Am I missing something or shouldn't the unemployment rate tick up when there are 1.7 million fewer workers? I know the numbers are manipulated but this is absurd. Perhaps they think that everyone will just trust them that they will get it right.

benjamin beltran says:

I watch every video TOO

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