Transformers Robots in Disguise Season 2 Episode 6 Brainpower Preview

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MarvelSoda says:

I stayed up all night to watch this episode…. only to have y CABLE CUT OFF !!!!! KILL ME!!!!

The poke Yokaigirl (allyterry1002) says:

The minicons looks like Airazor! 8D

Lupita Zertuche says:

i love this episode

Airachnid teh Arachnid says:

There are so many problems with this show it's not even funny.

The animation with its awkward, choppiness, boring transformer designs, creepily designed humans would have looked, let's say, passable in a cheap early 2000s cartoon, but this was made in 2015, and aired on Cartoon Network. The case of characters personality just containing of five traits maximum, utter lack of likable characters, severely water-downed fight scenes, and an anticlimactic ass pull of a climax for the first season finale and the total shift in tone compared to Prime makes me hope this TV series is a failure. This isn't even getting to the toyline

Samuel0br says:

substitles portuguese pls

Samuel0br says:

cool video

Hristo Hristo says:

Thanks Sean

Predaking says:

I'm thinking this might be a Grimlock episode

Skydisney dude Mighty Transmorphers says:

Transformers armada 2.0 really, I find the first season better because I loved the season 1 finale with Megatronus fighting both the autobots and the decepticons and then got later got killed by a repainted Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Strongarm ( still waiting for that Toys R Us repaint Hasbro)

Oceanic King says:

Tired of seeing minions says:

That new Mini con is adorable ^^

Van Oscuro says:

I looked up the episode and apparently this one is going to be based on "Grimlock's New Brain". With the exception of Grimlock becoming the father of a brainy megazord. With any luck, he won't stay in dino mode the whole episode.

Crossfire Queen says:

I loooove how bee said "are you injured!" And strongarm was like "only my pride!"I was laughing so hard

Nukledus says:

This show recycles too many animation models

dragon knight 2000 says:

so wait a minute if this a close reboot to prime and beast hunters where the heck is ratchet and the rest of the team are they dead

Howard HD says:

uuu this show is so bad

Leo Lim says:

If you think the smallest cons cause biggest problems try the cassettes in G1.

Speedy :D says:

Bumblebee's animation in those last few seconds is so fluent! Very Primeverse-esc

Awsomeness 10 says:

In my head, I was like, "DID I MISS AN EPISODE?!?!?!?!?" Then I saw the full title, and I saw it said "Preview" then in my head,"phew!"

Actionfan19 says:

they are really putting emphases on the mini cons this season.


Will u have the full episode posted on sayer day

Belinda Lemos says:

that minicon looks like airazor

Aman Kidane says:

when is it coming out

Team Prime says:

is the actual episode out yet?

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