“Transformers Robots in Disguise” Season 2 Episode 1 (English Full HD)

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Following their defeat of Megatronus, the Autobots are visited by Micronus, who comes to take back the power the Primes lent Optimus. The process greatly weakens the legendary hero, who nonetheless insists on remaining an active part of the team. Feeling there are too many Bots around to make one efficient squad, Bee splits the team in two, with one to deal with Decepticon threats near the Scrapyard, and the other to travel the world looking for fugitives. Optimus takes charge of the “away team,” which is sent to the polar ice cap to capture polar bear Decepticon POLARCLAW, but the teammates under his leadership are uncertain of his capability. At the same time, the “home team” contends with OVERLOAD, a Decepticon with a score to settle with Optimus, who’s forgotten the pounding he once gave rookie Bumblebee. Bee hasn’t forgotten, however, and demands to face Overload alone.


Nathan Dong says:

I like it

Natanael Diamandescu says:

now is super!

Fenix Hezekiah says:

Why are people hating on this show, I love it.

EmeraldDragonFlame says:

ok wat the hell? they're making Optimus look like a fool, this is F#ck up beyond measure

Joshua Jackman says:

I hope that she does all of the other seasons to.

patty navarro says:

oh common i really hate overload

NoodleWho NoodleMe says:

I love when sideswipe and strongqrm fight

super zodiac211 says:

say what you want … but i like transformers prime better

Oscar Hernandez says:

I pike this show I give it a 10 point

Romero Garcia says:

The animation just turned me away forever.

Anne Lise says:

This show is not that bad, it's FAR from reaching the same level as Tf: Prime, but not that bad. I just wish they wouldn't make half of the stuff happening so awkward and actually show some references to the stuff that happened in Prime so it can look like a continuation.

Ryan alexander says:

I love the looks of all the decepticons reply if you agree
My favorite is Berta break and peed and octo punch I mean versa break is a freaking train


thus rocks

Ronald Aguilar says:

Why would they take away Optimus power


Let's face it you fucking retards might not like these animal cons but we all can argue that the autobots and megatronus are super badass

Katniss Everdeen08 says:

The artic again this is bringing me back to season 1 episode 7 of TFP. Hasbro is just recycling old ideas but this show isn't so bad it's not Transformers Prime but it's not exactly the worse.

lps horror team says:

How is Optimus alive?!

Airachnid teh Arachnid says:

Why is the show suddenly all kiddy and cheesy? Was this another case of bullying by the executives, like all the behind the scenes drama in TFP? Because from what I understand TFP was rather dark. Suddenly replacing it with a kiddy and cheesy show with many problems like lack of explanation doesn't improve it at all.

Putting that issue aside, these are probably the worst character designs I have seen in Transformers. The "Decepticons" look like furry bait. Sure there's other characters from other Transformers shows that look like furry bait, but they aren't as bad as THIS.

This is about as ridiculous as if a bunch of Steven Universe fans piled up and said "Hey! Steven Universe is 2dark4me!" and demanded it to be made more cheesier. (Although it has a fair square of cheesiness, it's better than Hasbro's laughable attempt at Prime's sequel series).

Don't even get me started on Steeljaw. Did they just deliberately lure wolfaboos into the franchise? Ugh…

Of course, the tone overhaul itself is horrible as well. The franchise didn't need another series of shelfwarmers. I love how they'd replace the REAL toys with this, in particular, when the toyline is advertised as being complex.

There's probably more that I hate about this show, but:

TL;DR – I think the new Transformers show is bad and that the Prime needs to be brought back in some way.

Oh and if Hasbro keeps throwing creativity to the wind to appease some executive faux outrage they can expect to never see another viewing of their show from me again.

Daniel Anyamele says:

Whoa is it me, or those Drift's voice sound different from the last I saw him?

Nathan-Tv Gaming and toy reviews says:

Love this video! , I'm Nathan, and I'm 6 years old.. just made a YouTube channel! check it out please!!!


optimas…he got old in this show…

Maxene Arielle Tan says:

transformers is my favorite even the movies and episodes.

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