Top 10 Batman Gadgets

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Holy accessories Batman! Join as we count down the Top 10 Batman Gadgets. Subscribe►►… Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list we’re looking at any and all-handheld bat-cessories that The Dark Knight pulls out of his utility belt. We’re not considering the belt itself, or any of Batman’s armour or vehicles.

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Myke Day says:

What about the bat alphabet soup thermos? Surely that's number 1

Daniel Hanlon says:


Mr Owns says:

Your running out of ideas…
Who the fuck would give a shit about batmans top 10 gadgets…
Cant wait for the bad responses from 9 year olds….

Jacob Duran says:

Great list these gadgets are badass!!!!!

Christopher Jones says:

Spectaczlar! ! blink beam What do you thiok?

High Heel Knight says:

# 4 = It has been a while, but WatchMojo has broken its own rule again. So disappointing. >:-(

c_ez says:

how about a top 10 superhero origins story.

Blackwing2040 says:

Shook my head when I saw the shark repellent and credit card

Eliz Cueva says:

Shark Repellent better be number one (if anybody remembers the old show) or else I'm gonna flip some shit

Cherry Pauper says:


Cherry Pauper says:

#1 should have been anything he needs for any given situation.

Dantae Mable says:

I do! Y'all got it right! But. I love The Grapple gun just as much!!

The One Man Who Beat You says:

What about the Bat Memory Reviver?

GTi6210 says:

Waynes fortune for the first!!

Edgar Torres Cardenas says:

I knew the batarangs were
gonna #1 fon the list

Biagio Mariani says:

seemx. spectacular! price empty what's your opinion about%that !!!

Bryan Cusick says:


i am deadpool says:

1 day 4k likes. wow!

jakisz says:

One of the first times I've seen an honorable and dishonorable mentions in the same video.

pish posh says:

batman can't use the bat computer with his utility belt….

Elise Fur says:

Bat Credit Card should be #1.

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