Photoshop Tutorial | Logo design

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In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn to create a nice sleek logo having 3d shadow effect and this design psd is available as free

Download free Photoshop logo design psd file


Infoo Techno says:

link not working :(

Urlik300 says:

Please give you new link to psd file !

forhad hossain says:

hello yaseen….can you pls tell me why most of the people use illustrator for logo making ? same thing i can do in photoshop also right? i like ur tutorial. thanx

casually says:

Why when I create a polygon shape, it's only a path, and it can't be filled with color?

saad alnasser says:

nice video

ines hab says:

j'arrive pas a comprendre comment vous avez enlevé les 2 calque ou plutôt les 2 forme que vous avez fait

Eowyn Wundolf says:

This is so smart and beautiful,I love it.

The Diggins says:

You should get on top of that McAfee protection, bro.

Computer Tips 2016 says:

nice job Sir

Burak Edikli says:

what did u do at 3:00 after ctrl- d ?

Gabriel Soares says:

link off

Josesnohipster says:

Great tutorial! The link for the psd is broken. Could you reupload?

teady sim sim says:

this looks so minimalist and cool. thnx dude. can I join for tuition plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


BuRnErS120 says:

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial my friend, great song to complement it!

Fl4ash_ says:

Download ? pleaz

Onur Alanbay says:

where is link bro ? Link dead. Can you share again ?

Ravi Pratik says:

what did u do at 2:59 that ctrl +d nothing happend when i did it

ranjith kumar says:

HEY,can you plz help me,im stuck,which of PS did u use in this tutorial,and im not able to switch between anchor points properly,pl help, i m not able to close the anchorpoint's line which u did at 1:26 and 1:57 plz help…..

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