How Much Does Logo Design Cost?

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How Much Does Logo Design Cost? The Price of Logo Design is something both Graphic Designers and Design Clients often struggle with or don’t understand.

In this video I break down Logo Design, Ball Park Figures vs Accurate Quotes for Logo Designs, The Process of Logo Design and What to Expect from a Logo Designer, and Paying for Time vs Results with Graphic Designers and Logo Designers in general.

How Much To Charge for Logo Design-
How much to charge for a logo is something many new or even experienced Logo Designers don’t understand.

Many logo designers quote a logo price at a flat rate without even explaining or justifying that price to themselves or the logo design client. Others charge an hourly rate for logo design and then find themselves haggling with their clients about the value of time.

Having a solid logo design process and knowing what you are going to charge for and what you are going to deliver for clients eliminates this problem. It also means that you know your logo design process so well that you can speak about it confidently with clients and feel comfortable with your rates. This makes a big difference.

How Much Should I Pay For Logo Design?
You need to as a business owner be upfront with yourself and your designer about what the value of this is for your business and think of it as an investment, not an expense.

The reason for this is that you should not be “bargain shopping” when it comes to your logo. Consider that instead of the “face of your business” you were trusting your actual “face” to a surgeon, are you going to go bargain shopping or get the best your money can buy?

If you think of it from this standpoint you start focusing on the value instead of the cost, and start making decisions from that position and you will get more for your money because you are focusing on the end result and eliminating risk and anxiety.

Eliminating business risk and personal anxiety is worth more to you in the long run than saving a few bucks on a Logo Design.

What is the Logo Design Process?
Aside from getting and accurate quote the process for logo design involves 3 primary phases (my process):

– Logo Design Concepts and Creative Development
– Digital Logo Design and Client Revisions
– Logo Design Production and File Delivery

What To Expect From a Logo Designer-
A good logo designer should have a background in print design, possibly a background in illustration. They should deliver files to you for both print and web (CMYK and RGB) and should give you PNG files as well as EPS files. They should also communicate via email or in a contract what usages rights you have for the Logo Design.

Knowing what to deliver and how to communicate with clients is essential to learning how to become a Logo Designer.

For a client, knowing what to expect and what ask designers, and what designer need from them will help clients have better experience in choosing quality graphic designers.

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rightbrainedwonder says:

Hi Roberto, great video/channel. I am an aspiring graphic designer and currently working on a logo design right now for a client. Requiring three payments within the designing process is a concept I would like to pitch to my client, however I would like to see an example of how you applied that to your own work so I can get a better idea. Thanks in advance!

Bass Wave says:

Can anyone help me with a logo?
Mail me:

Leonard Kotomo says:

Great Stuff. I like it. Very Insightful. Thanks mate…

Crystall mechelle banks-bentley says:

he would be fun to be in a board meeting with. lol.

Black Atticus says:

this is SUPER helpful, thank you so much for sharing knowledge; i'm a subscriber and fan now!

Mark Hathaway says:

Roberto, I'm looking to launch a YouTube career, and I need some help to create a brand logos banners etc initially. Could u email me please?

David Hoffnung says:

New favorite channel!

Jesus Gutierrez says:

Roberto i have a question

Mellyssa Diggs (Luna Nightingale) says:

Very interesting point. I am one of the few who likes to give out a set price rather than per hour. It never makes me feel comfortable. I like my clients to know exactly what they are getting.

swirlspace says:

Right on Roberto. I like your clarity, accuracy, and walk thru the process and examples. Its good to hear someone break it down solidly for clients to understand whats involved. Might send this to all my prospective logo clients to watch before i send them my proposals :-)

mark ledesma says:

Good job Roberto.

MrRationalThought says:

Thanks for making this awesome video, I found it really helpful! I'm trying to get started as a freelance graphic design artist, and I have no idea what I'm doing (in terms of the business aspects especially) so I subbed you and I'm sure I'll be watching a lot more of your videos. Right now I'm trying to absorb as much info as I can. Thanks again :)

FloydEckos says:

Do you have a video on taxes?

Wain Art says:

Really helpful! I've been doing some graphic design works (sticker designs and logos) and I think I miss charged a little bit, next time I'll use this knowledge to accurate the price better!! Thank you so much Roberto!Cheers from Spain!

Israel Dominguez says:

I feel this is sound business advice that is fair for both parties. Thank you for giving such a wonderful breakdown and explaining why each project differs in cost based on different factors. I will use this to serve me in my future endeavors and have you to thank for it. Keep it up Roberto, you are definitely making a difference for us.

KusekMotorsport says:

Great video, Thanks!

DatLookinBoi says:

This was very good advice, thank you Roberto!

Brandon C (Critical Potential) says:

this was actual extremely good advice. I've seen your fiver rant and you hit alot of good points. What do you think about 99designs and their structure?

nikos wolfi says:

Your videos were extremely helpful. First time in my life i wanna repay someone i dont know for just a video , keep up the paste , hope someday ill get as good as you

million five says:

That book in the background I Dig it.

Adam Khoury says:

Good stuff Roberto! I like your discussions dude.

ObeyiThrive says:

Hey Roberto! I need help ASAP i am a 17 year old amateur who was hired by a truck shop and they specialize in making dump trucks and accessories to any trucks. They hired me to make them a logo for their business and and to make them website and to make them a video for their sitting room. Ive never really thought about charging but this is a chance i cant miss i watched your video but im still confused bc i also dont believe graphic designers should be charged hourly id rather charge for the product.  i was wondering if you can please give me some price ranges on what i should charge them i was maybe thinking $250-$300?? im not sure if im over pricing it also another guy hired me to make him a logo for his business cards. 
please reply, thanks

Antoine Gist says:

Great video, I'm looking to hire a graphic designer. To work on a group of tee shirt logo, and company logo.This helped alot.

LatinoSan says:

VERY INFORMATIVE…thanks for making and sharing!!!

Timothy Lee says:

Excellent advise. I took a class with the production manager for CommunicationArts mag. and the very first lesson he told us was "don't ever give anything away for free". If your a true pro. and not some smuck trying to break into the 'biz'. People don't understand that your service COST MONEY. Don't sell yourself sort.

Moon & Star says:

NIce job, Roberto. I'm sharing this on my business facebook page (and G+). I have "Steal Like An Artist" – great book!

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