Creepy New Software Set To Bend Reality

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Infowars Reporters Lee Ann McAdoo and Rob Dew discuss the latest in facial recognition technology.

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Lux Ferre says:

But it got no sound

Lux Ferre says:

This is huge

DrVIP2323 says:

Too thirsty, SMH!

Pure Cain says:

that is crazy… you really cant believe anything you see on tv… wow…

alvaro guerra says:

WOW!! I wonder what their going to do with it…..

Chaz Michael says:

I'd like to develop some face to breast technology.

Jeff Strange says:

I passed it along….this is unhooked ! If they had this back in Oswald's day, during the JFK mess, this would've been unhooked !

stophypocrisy says:

Adobe already has this technology for animation so its not a stretch to make realistic images do the same.

steven s says:

I feel like this was used for Osama videos

hotrodrupp1 says:

This is some scary shit!……………. you cant really believe ANYTHING you see and hear on TV…….

Renat Khanzarov says:

It's getting much more intense. People are in a great need of Sanity today. Unfortunately, the US isn't a supplier, vice versa.

david esktorp says:

I want to kiss those titties.

Duane Smith says:

What an idiot!!! You are 9 years old boy! Maybe you should go what porn and relieve your self. You don't have the ability to hear a word she says! Something wrong with you for sure!!!

adam didonato says:

I'm sorry but they are just lovely

Thane says:

This shit is much more dangerous than it looks.

scottie Scott says:

big babalons!

richieboy09 says:

mate, look at those lovely bangers shes got lol i didnt hear a word she said :p

iamthatiam24 says:

She jus a regular ho!…With a rapper bf.

John Altenhoff says:

So much for c.c.t. blackmail family albums etc.

demond perry says:

intellectual property damn when I say that?

demond perry says:

I have already known this I'm trying to create an app.

Emil Phoryew says:

G.W. Bush doesn't have or use those facial expressions and neither does Vladimir Putin shown in the presentation. Most people would figure out it's a hoax if this is the best they can do. Both are more serious and stern in facial expression and body language.

Christos Moore says:

…come on it's all ok-all of this is for advertising. Oh her rack is great. Those tits must be the reason why Alex talks so God damn fast…

Shawn Ryan says:

anthroplex? I wonder how many people actually waste thier money on this crap.

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