5 Batman Gadgets that Actually Exist

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What would a real Batman need to be a superhero in real life? Would he have what it takes to beat a real Superman? Presenting 5 real life Batman gadgets including a real Batmobile and a spray-on gel that packs a special kick…
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Maddog3060 says:

So basically the military's goal (via DARPA) is to turn all our soldiers into Batman?

I'm okay with this.

iTomosiuz says:

So… Batman is REAL!!

stray88 says:

Great music as always.

Joe Lykins says:

Dark5 I bet I can run faster than you

Syph1l1S says:


AP J says:

This is awesome but,
imagine what we are not being told about!

Lone Gamer says:

"bulletproof robotic exoskeletons for super strength"
sounds like the exoske. armor from S.T.A.L.K.E.R game

Pepe Gonzalez says:

I sometimes just come for the music in this videos, its awesome!

dudewhyfi says:

I've been a fan of yours for a few years Dark5 and just wanted to say you still make really good vids but it's been more like one out of three or four that are up to par with your old stuff recently. You used to be my favorite top-5 or 10 list person on youtube by a large margin but you need to step up your game a little bit, value quality over quantity.

L.C says:

Picture looks like acid rain weapon from DR3 (flare gun and chemicals)

Robert Kanzamar says:

Whatta da fuk is Light5????

Jarrod “Cal/Rusty” Ellis says:

5 Biggest Guns Ever Used In Warfare?

Jarrod “Cal/Rusty” Ellis says:

Something not scary for once-
Damn… Looks Like the Foil Comes back on…
Puts on tin foil hat

1OUNCE says:

use your voice man

EliteDeltaTeam says:

I am Batman!

Papa Miștox says:

The Dark5 Rises

Andy Finendale says:

Your content is fine. Do you, booboo.

Spire says:

Batman or Superman?

The Original Drpepper says:

Hm, not creepy at all.
(Next video) Top 5 suicide school shooting bombing terrorist alien sighting explosion death defying unexplained dramaalert gone wrong

RJSAWN says:

Sometimes the darkness can show you the light.

muhammad alfiqz says:

5 most mysterious channel in youtube:1.Illuminati
3.light 5
4.hybrid librarian
5.dark 5

Beefyhax says:

I feel this channel has become more of a 5 amazing facts as compared to dark 5

Lil' Miss Anime Red Riding Hood says:

I really haven't enjoyed your content lately, sorry. Doesn't seem as well thought out as previous videos.

Weird Bloke says:

i got a batman vs superman advert on this video

Ryan Winata says:


deathmeat says:

A tumbler, because is heavy, loud and comes with many triggers

DarKKnightt07 says:


89knots says:

Spoiler alert superman dies in then end of batman vs. superman

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