S2 Ep18- I’m Hungry

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Dan is is persuaded to join Roseanne in a weight-loss program.


maddey russe says:

That was funny lol

hadla says:

funniest part is when dan is on the phone with jackie!!! uh huh uh huh yeah jackie uh huh *hang up* uh huh uh huh

Cardboardangele says:

Becky had her moments XD She was funnier in teh later seasons. Darlene's always been my favorite.

MyLoveMichaelJJ says:

when she(roseanne) sed "well u deserve it" sounded alittle like a chincese woman lool funny i luv this show

josephine10101 says:

"face it, your both tanks" – darlene (sarah gilbert)
lmao!! that was histarical (:


She should have just said I was just saying that as a example!

bellachanel337 says:

i love her chicken shirt! lol i loved how every episode someone wore it lmfao

Scrappy9893 says:

Loved the brain freeze!

yasmin2233 says:

they need to put shows like this back onthe tube ,miss it bad .thankyou for reruns

chiari123 says:

i loved season 2

bowlerdog299300 says:

LOL!!! I have the DVD set and this one of my favorites.

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