Postpartum Update + Healing from a C-Section: Baby blues, sex, weight loss, pain, breastfeeding

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1-3 month postpartum update!

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Miss Michelle says:

My baby's due April 15th, and I'm only 21 so I'm so scared but I'm mainly scared of having to get a c-section! Lol. Thanks for sharing!

thilani ariyaratne says:

what is belly bandit BFF

SuperGaijinGirl1979 says:

Thanks so much for this! I'm having a c section next year and scared as hell.;(

miss.K says:

I've been there 🙂 whew!!! glad we survived :)

ABeautyonABudget says:

Hey April! I have a question for you or anyone else who reads this…did the birth control pill make you have mood swings, bloatedness, fatigue, etc…?  I think the pill is causing all of these issues.

Maricela Vargas says:

I had a c-section too in June so I totally can relate to almost everything!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂  

Whatever Whtvr says:

This is such an honest and informative postpartum. Thank you!

Gayane A says:

Hi April

My sister in law gave birth a month ago and i got her a cream that she used on her belly and she had such an amazing result!!!! Most of her stretch marks went away!!! I would love to share her before and after picture with you and maybe help you get the same result!

Your such an amazing mom I love your vlogs!!!! I wish every parent would love their kid the way you guys do!

Sarah Loves says:

This made me feel like I was in the hospital again giving birth lol! I had an unexpected c section too, after 30 hours of labor. We had stairs and I ended up having my incision pop open because I was too stubborn to follow directions haha. But I do remember a c section being the worst pain ever.

Kaiden farstad says:

Holy cow april your 29? You have the face of a 18 year old! 

angelbirdbb says:

Thank you so much for sharing! Love to watch this kind of topic video because not much youtube channel like that! =) I don't have baby yet but good to know more before first! Honestly, I love baby but I'm super afraid to delivery a baby! I watched your vlogs, especially the day you born your baby one! So touching but also so scary to delivery a baby><" I think I'm not ready to have a baby but I think it time to have a baby! So confuse!

anz lanz says:

i was also c-sec with my 8.13lbs daughter 6yrs ago stayed in the hosp for 11days (due to financial reasons) but i was able to move normally after 24hrs weightloss was realy fast because i was also breastfeeding and my daughter was big and she wants to be carried with movements all the time with my 2months old son also c-sec he was 4.14lbs i was able to sit 4hrs after operation stand up after 8hours and finally walked slowly after 12hrs lost 12kg in 2months but i still look fat, never lost consiousnes with both c-sects. u look fab and sexy april, almost close to your pre-preg figure i wonder how u lost the belly fat that fast u now look ready for a bikini 🙂 liam looks more like justin now he used to look more like you but he is still so cute like the first time i saw him. :)

Becky Garza says:

Girl, you rock being a momma! 

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