Chemo Secrets – Tips & Tricks from a Young Breast Cancer Survivor

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Diagnosed with breast cancer at only 24 years old, Nalie Agustin noticed a lack of information and guidance for young women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy. After completing 16 rounds of chemotherapy and being crowned cancer free, Nalie created an e-guide filled with tips, tricks and real life experiences to help you get through chemotherapy like a boss! With the help of of 50 other young breast cancer survivors between the ages of 24-42, we reveal all our personal stories and our secrets to break the ice for you and help prepare you for chemo. From what to expect on chemo day, what to bring to the hospital, what side effects to expect, how to prepare for hairloss, how to tie a headscarf, what to eat and what not to eat, to topics that are often left out such as sex and infertility! We got it all covered! In the end, our mission is to prove that if we can do it. So can you!

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collegeman1988 says:

It's great that you've done this so that other young women with breast cancer aren't in this fight alone.

Ji FS says:

hi nalie! i just wanna ask what supplements are you taking and how often do you juice now that you're done with treatments? i will be finishing my herceptin this March. thanks!

Chief122 says:

God bless you. It is great you spreading the news for all ladies… I m a man with no real understanding other than the same thing got my daughter's Mum, so I am right up there supporting you. You are an inspiration. Thank you for the work you do:)

lildevil872 says:

I love you and you're such an inspiration. I finally completed 6 sessions of my chemotherapy and had a double mastectomy a week ago. On to my next journey to getting rid of this nasty cancer I have.

Farrah Karimzada says:

I was 13 when I was diagnosed with oseosarcoma it's a bone cancer I was in remission for 11 months and it came back in my lungs and now I'm 15 and my new treatment is working

Bertha says:

Your post has moved the debate fodrwra. Thanks for sharing!

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