Starting From Seed How to start Growing Cannabis

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How do you start your cannabis seeds ?
This is a easy how to start growing your medical cannabis garden right from seed, a step by step way how I grow my medicine from the beginning 🙂
The best way to germinate cannabis seeds requires only a few steps, first you will need 1 cup, 1saucer or plates , some moist paper towel and water .
Watch this step by step guide on how to germinate marijuana seeds with a 100% success rate and how to plant your germinated cannabis seeds safely 🙂
Grow Your Own
Grow In Peace 🙂


Tiffany Knight says:

What kind of soil do you use?

Alpha PR says:

also what is in the Tea that you use?

Alpha PR says:

what soil do you reccomend luv?

Heyy Im Blake says:

How long do you leave them in the paper towel? And do you re-wet the paper towel if it starts to dry up?

Ricardo Arteage says:

how much light do i use a day & also how much water a day ?.

Eric Terry says:

Dude love your videos you helped a lot

Dalton Jones says:

where's your next video I can't find it

wolfenpixels says:

i am going to assume you cloned these beauties for future mothering :)

The PiratePeteShow says:

Your light is to high up, it is making the plants stretch like that to try reach the light

Th3AngryPooch says:

i love this guy's energy

Josh Austin-Clarke says:

this guy needs his medicine xD

joel mcgillivay says:

you feed them tea ?? then just straight water when there larger?

King Asho says:

Mine seeds was like your 1st seed on 8:07 and i put them in the dirt,its been 1 day but they didnt come up,what should i do?

lakeda Wms says:

you is growing with tea

Giuseppe says:

I have bad anxiety that makes my stomach hurt like a bitch and don't want to go through all the stuff to get a card, so what strand would be good for my problem?

Rita Moreno says:

Thank you John very helpful. I'm just starting out.

Benno Rooker says:

John Berfelo when you put the seeds in the water . How warm mast be the water ?

MT Tremble says:

dude love the vid.. what's the best soil to use.. and what type of lighting to buy for in-house growing

Nick Stoner (WePushClouds) says:

great tips as always John. keep up the quality content.

LsD Hearthstone says:

you are using numbers, it is so emotionless… each of my plant , i call girl, and each one have a name, good video, i was lookin for my mate whos newbie

NiceTech 28 says:

need ur humidity up or a good mist every morning

Mackenzie Murray says:

I'm so confused and new to this. your using tea to water them? a special kind of tea for plants? or what?

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