HEALTHY Food Haul + Meal Ideas! | QueenDeeFitness

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SamLogan215 says:

do you have a work out routine you would not mind sharing. Thank you in advance

Caritobabi says:

I don't want to loose weight, I am the opposite i want to gain.

7th street says:

thanks so much for this video. it is really helpful.

Lovely Dove says:

I need this, but  I am trying to lose weight and eat clean, thank you for the ideas!

Adella Maria says:

I love seeing your recipes and your hauls! Especially your workout clothes. I have to buy cute workout gear to keep me motivated lol

macprincess2 says:

Anyone know what Dee usually eats for breakfast? :)

Shauna Gathron says:

Dee did you eat super clean when you reached your goal weight?

debbiedelight7 says:

Great haul…YouTube has tons of delicious veggie recipes….I prefer the cherry tomatoes too, but when I bite into them Juice squirts everywhere…

Ben Kelly says:

PB&J.  Smoothies are online everywhere.  Even dry Peanut butter ay health-food stores/online with blueberry/grapes with almond beverage/Silk…Strong & healthy.

ScareKrow says:

what's the name of that song in the background?

Ben Kelly says:

QDF- Do you do Silk/Almond/Cashew beverage?  Your heart is a muscle please support it.  Stay well.


Pleaaaaaaaase do a meal prep video

Asteri ETERNAL says:

Wow! That was awesome! And I agree, moderation keeps you happy. ;-))

Judy Jung says:

Would love more cooking videos and food hauls.

Whitakers Way says:

excited about the food videos to come. also I enjoyed the food haul thanks Hun!

Kim T says:

this was so helpful being a beginner in working out and healthy dieting, I kinda understand what to buy now (:

Julie Ragle says:

Excited for your journey back into the gym! Thanks for sharing! I love drumsticks or thighs on the crockpot to with rice!!! I love me my rice haha!

awesome food says:

Thanks Dee

Amber White says:

I love everything that you do with this channel!

sandra n. says:

welcome back Dee. I missed you sooooo much. Looking forward to more vids.

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