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BTW if you want these foods to be even more healthier, you can use low-fat products!

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How old are you?
I am 13!

What camera and editor do you use?
I use the Canon Rebel t3i and edit with iMovie.

love you all to pluto and back, hailey


Simply Vale says:


Anis Rahman says:

What was the name of the song while she was folding the veggie wraps´╗┐

Gizem ├ľzlem says:

where are you living?´╗┐

Yessica says:

The snack was so delicious´╗┐

Lj Quilinguen says:

is it okay to use Sour Cream?´╗┐

Neney Silva says:

There is there raw eggs in royal icing and in a lot of other desert I love baking so I use raw eggs all the time it is completely fine´╗┐

Karla Miranda says:

Cold tortilla tastes horrible´╗┐


Who else was concerned that she said "turn your stove to its highest setting" when spreading the olive oil? I was like "do you know the combustion temperate of olive oil!"´╗┐

stickote says:

I HIGHKEY want to be best friends with you´╗┐

Mussu Dolley says:

yummy and omg I just started watching you and your so amazing´╗┐

ye┼čil bulut says:

I think u r turkish. arent u?´╗┐

Amy ÔÇťGogirl90932ÔÇŁ Ward says:

i watched this video with a can of whipped cream in my hand XD´╗┐

Oliver Carroll says:

Seriously moaning about raw egg? You drink it when exercising´╗┐

Brigitta Csurzás says:

You're insipre me so much:) I love you!´╗┐

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