Top 5 Most Common Logo Design Mistakes!

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We all make mistakes! No matter who we are or how “qualified” we are we all make mistakes! I’ve made a lot of mistakes, not only in my own personal life but in my career as well. This post is all about common logo design mistakes, prepare to be nodding your head in agreement and shrieking in embarrassment. Here are five of the most common logo design mistakes!


zeus 2.0 says:

Thank you so much for the amazing advice!  This has helped me create the logo that my client loves and I am very grateful.  Even though I just started this career, I will never be as good as you! :)

Neal Weinstein says:

Your awesome mate!

Martin Wrene says:

What's Your instagram?

Erick Hetfield says:

I don't make any of those mistakes. I am so good.

Виталий Доманин says:

Now you have "Like" from Russia!)

Rutch Johnson says:

Love your videos! I especially love this camera setup and lighting. I would like to see more examples and cutaways for what you are talking about tho. It just helps with editing and driving home your point! Keep it up from Chicago!

Martin Lemaire says:

Is it the accent from manchester ?

Ernährungsberatung Ortenau says:

Examples would have been nice.

Lisa Doherty says:

Fyi: tracking and kerning are two different things

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