The Logo Design Process Explained in 5 Minutes

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The Logo Design Process Explanation for New Logo Designers:
Understanding the Logo Design Process and How to Design a Logo is important for Graphic Designers who are going to be developing logos and branding.

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Understanding the Logo Design Process is not only difficult for clients but often for Graphic Designers as well.

In this video I will explore the Logo Design process in a straight forward way to help you understand what goes into the design of a logo and how involved it can be.

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Mike Miller says:

whats the best graphic design logo program for the mac

John Ashton says:

Thanks! A great summary.

Jaime Flor says:

Awesome!!! My experience making logos summarized in 6 minutes. Nice work.

HollywoodKendrick says:

Who do you recommend????

jack bista says:

Hi Roberto can you make a logo for me.
i will Pay through pay pal??

PTedro says:

Hello Roberto!

I just want to say that, in my opinion, the "inteligent" client will let the designer create the brand, without interfering.
The client has to believe the designer's work. You (client) may not be in love with the very final result of the logo, but it is going to work on the market. (of course it dependes on wich designer you are dealing with).

Many people that are not in the graphic design field, just don't understand the logo design process.
Simplicity is not easy to achieve. Visual communication is the easiest way to communicate, although it does not mean it's easy to make it easy, that is the role of the graphic designer, make "things" simple, easy, beautiful and functional. That is all my opinion.

Brandon Garcia says:

right now I'm using your videos to help me out, just graduated and now to decide to become a Graphic Designer and I'm actually scared and nervous…

Robert L. Sneed (Artist Rob) says:

I like how you broke down the softwares into their elements. When I was starting out in design, I definitely used photoshop for everything. I started using illustrator to bridge my designs into vectors. I'm still using that process but illustrator has made me a must better designer.

Richard Earle says:

another great video man.

question though.. i keep hearing youtube teachers apologizing for videos going over a few minutes lol. why? I crave detailed and thorough information. 5minutes seems very short. Anyways. tyvm

Teno Daley says:

i don't really understand about the rights management you discussed, how do i price it? any articles you could recommend?

NIno Khurtsilava says:

I LOVE YOU ! ! ! )))))))))))))

Jeremi Alexander says:

Great content Roberto! You continue to add value to my day. Keep livin' the dream man!

Eric Martinez says:

Good video as always +Roberto Blake, its good to keep these fundamentals in mind on a continual basis. Funny thing, I stopped to look at my logo for my personal brand and saw I had it in RGB instead of CYMK (noob move) lol. I also agree about personal color doesn't really matter (unless its for personal). Keep doing what you do!

keifer simpson says:

very said this

Carla J says:

Your videos are really on point. I do a whole lot of research on what format to use when printing or designing for the web. Thanks again.

Navarro Mariscal says:

Amen! Great video Roberto!!

Leonardus Groenendyk says:

Great video, short, sharp and to the point.

PaperManga says:

Nice! Love the briefness. :)

CouplesVsCouples says:

Thank you Roberto!

Karelys Diaz says:

This is tremendous knowledge to devour on. I am terrified when it comes to designing logos but your videos in that regard has served well to my development as a designer/student. This video is perfect timing! 🙂 Thank you again, Roberto!

Late Night with Pascal says:

Very concise and all in 5 minutes! Great job! Thanks for the info!

Scot Williamson says:

I have a question about your point on vectors being the exclusive format for final logos. What if somebody wants a logo with some texture in it, say something similar to the World of Warcraft logos or the the League of Legends logos. Are they still able to make those in vector?

I'm trying to self teach myself and I haven't done much work on Illustrator yet, so I may be just showing my ignorance here.

Mamady Diallo says:

so since a lot of people i know continue to ask me about the covers i make, so i decided to make a website. im not sure how more experienced graphic designers like you see it as so id really like to get some feedback and tips. i also want to know what you think about my logo i made. thank you in advance 🙂

could you also let me know what you think about the TYK logo?

Kenosis1 says:

Preach Brother, Preach! Lol, we also share the same Kangol fascination.

tAEnY Kim (pPanNY) says:

I think that more people should discover you and your videos, I really like your content :))

hinata0o says:

I've been having the hardest time explaining this subject to people. Thank you for your explanation

The Boss says:

I made a logo for my start up using photoshop!! Now what do I do??

Kyriakos Kokkinos says:

Very on point video for just 5 minutes. I would also like to see a webinar from you on this going in depth about contracts between clients and copyrights too. Might even be helpful for a lot of people

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