Formula 1 2016 Australian Grand Prix Race

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Watch Formula 1 2016 Australian Grand Prix Full Race


Richard says:

How did Ferrari fuckup again?!?! So frustrating smh.

J'adore Almería says:

Max, shut the fuck up and overtake them by yourself.

Rebel Crusader says:

14min 57sec Hahahahaha
3 Times World Champion Lewis Hamilton racing his Mercedes sitting on Super Softs is unable to pass Max Verstappen. Who is racing a much lesser car.
On-board radio, Lewis to his team: "I can't get passed this guy."

All though Max is just beginning his career and has everything to prove yet, he has all the features that World Champions have/had.
This guy is a talent in the likes of Senna.

still_guns says:

Why was the crash cut?

Yanis Brunet says:

great discovery0 " carry well-to-do # !!!

SlotraceDK says:

You should have zoomed in at the race just before the start!

S Hutto says:

Congrats to HAAS F1 for a great start to the year.

Tero Savikuja says:

Kimi was right behind of Sebastian before pit stops. Then suddenly the grib is almost 20 seconds. The same thing happened few times in last season. Why is it so? Ferrari really screwed up Vettel's win.

Mark Smith says:

Thank you for the upload!

Naman Sharma says:

thanks for uploading

Mirko Cammarota says:

siete italiani

hugh jarsol says:

same old same old …. boring f1

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