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Kerning Game!

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Mateus Andrade says:

Amazing video, I'm Brazilian, I did not understand everything, because I learn english now, but, I can understand a little this video, and the little I understand is great for me. thanks for the video! sorry for my english. :|

New channel Officialtreeko says:

First time I played this game I failed it big time xD

Shadab Ahmad says:

I did 80 on the first try ! :D

Nasaal says:

I love this video. Good explanation of the the thought. Could you do or Are you going to do separate videos on Kerning and Tracking in a bit more detail??? It would really be appreciated to hear your description of them.

Manualideas Fancylooks says:

Once more I love your explanation, opinion and all the great thinking and knowledge you share, but , please, I would love if stop that music while you talk,, you don't need it, what you say is too interesting to be disguised with a disturbing sound on the background! I wish you could take this opinion into account, I know I said it to you before, I am not trying to annoy you with this type of comment, but give it a try!

Tammie Wales says:

I not a graphic designer but I'm studying the subject as preparation for hiring the right one. Thanks for all you do!

Andrew F. says:

As well as consistency.

Andrew F. says:

fantastic vid in regards to kerning and leading. This is something I need to improve on tod year.

Josh Mills says:

Absolutely awesome video will, I'm almost though with my final year of high and looking at university courses for graphic design. Your videos make the industry seem less daunting! Keep the good videos up!

Will Paterson says:

Thanks for watching! Let me know your thoughts down below :D

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