5 Kitchen Gadgets NOBODY Needs!!!

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At SORTEDfood we love to be useful and to make your lives easier in the kitchen… so we’ve rigorously tested a bunch of household kitchen gadgets. How much use are they? Who knows… you decide!

Tell us in the comments below which is the most and least useful.

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LPS Mitch says:

the sprayer is useful

Trent Buckingham says:

I can't believe I hadn't food this channel before

NikkiRandomix says:

the citrus mist sprayer is used to just slightly season your food instead of dousing it in citrus juice. also, the egg cracker separator can be very useful for anyone with a mental disability of sorts.

AJFes12 says:

Egg Cuber,
Why we broke up by Daniel Handler Feeeeels

Kasper Juhl Olesen says:

You fuckers are useless bitches (>_<)

Chris Macdonald says:

Bunch of metrosexual twats. Fuck this channel

Connie - says:

In SG 2 dollar

Dapper Doge says:

the second one could be used like pepper spray

дима шварц says:

The squirting juice thing is to give natural(made from real fruits) aroma to food

Harrison Scott says:

second one is auctually for spraying critic fruits with a fine layer of lemon juice to protect against browning. or just to spray in your enemies eyes and then eat his heart with the pickle extractinator.

Inger Schmidt says:


IKEA 2 hard 4 fresco says:


Ella Olivia says:

i like the lrmon squirtet

ikhlas Bayazid says:

at 3:46, what us that cookie or whatever it is called? It looks yummy

Silent Lex says:

I think the egg cube thing is useful for making bento for kids.

Kami Wright says:

That egg cracker is useful tho, forget the separator. But when i crack eggs i always get shell in there and they are a bitch to get out.. So i can totally see myself using that. Heck im gonna get one now lol.

Tanmay Agarwal says:

useless, useless, useless, useless and useless

Sans Gaming says:

0:25 bacon hotdog bacon bacon hatdogs

amanda Price (Fuzzysquare31) says:

The lemon juice is used to add a lemon or lime seasoning to something

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