The Division – Why SMGs Are Too Strong (with math to prove it!)

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In this Tom Clancy’s The Division video I break down exactly what makes SMGs so damn strong, and the clear pick in this current end-game meta. Understanding this information goes a long way toward making your gearing and mod choices a lot easier, so stick around and don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂

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mclarenf1lm15 says:

Wait is Crit chance or Crit damage capped at 60%?

nokuhobune says:

shottys are only effective to around 5m after that they get about 80% drop is dmg

Griffy or Cono says:

They aren't gonna get nerfed dafuq man ); XD <3


I LOVE my High End Vector!!! I can deal with it if they take away the head crit but please dont make them fluffy!

Iman Hp says:

look in these type of games you can either buff one thing in your character to go balanced . if you want to look at them like the god guns i think the sniper rifles are kinda the same . you can put out a constant 1 million dmg for each shot so couple of shots to a normal boss and he is done or 4 shots to a balanced player and he wont even have the chance to heal

Mr. Anderson says:

can you go more into theses stat caps please. crit chance or crit damage caps at 60?

Ben Kloppenburg says:

they didnt get nerfed this week…

Fyrfighter says:

Dumb idea to nerf or that these are overpowered. Hell why dont we make all weapons in the game the same. Everything is so vanilla any way. Can we keep something in the game thats a blast to play with. Love skill ups work but why not make it about how fun the weapon is and heres why….

naplack says:

did I understand that right, u cant have more than 60% critChance?

Ecthelion008 says:

I think you need to stop thinking so one dimensionally.
I have both the Caduceus and the gold Vector, both have near perfect damage rolls and my Vector has the additional 24% HS dmg talent on top of the 25% Crit.

I still prefer to use my Caduceus, even at close range. The Coolheaded talent means I can maintain a constant Pulse bonus, and also Smart Cover bonus, allowing me to almost max out my crit chance on my AR (assuming the target is not in cover and I get the additional 13% crit chance from my gloves). Since the Caduceus vamps dmg with crits, this also means I rarely drop below 2 bars of health, I can literally unload a magazine into a heavy gunner on Challenge and come out on top with him unloading on me at the same time so long as I have my buffs up (not including bottled water of incendiary ammo).

Jogando com Nils says:

+Skill UP, thank you again for your videos. it was good to know about those caps, gonna tweak mine vector since I use that headshot pulse.
It feels good to shoot close range with the smg, but in the challenges and after some players in the DZ I am using AR more than ever.
Another thing, my build is mainly firearms, and I feel that the SMG suffer more DPS change from firearms than the other weapons. As you went into mechanics so deep, did you found anything related with the stats scaling on weapons? My team's thank use AR and shotgun even with midas and vector in his backpack and he prefers the output from both (and the CD reduction too)
I don't have enough equipment to do a good comparison but maybe with some equipment mods I found somethings interesting.

Micky S. says:

instead of nerfing the smg they should buff the Ar and Lmg. Better accuracy for the AR and more Dmg per bullet for the Lmg could balance them

HOBOTw1tcH says:

very well done video man. love your videos and all the work you do. if you ever need help testing anything feel free to hit me up. keep up the awesome work!

platoayplatob says:

Crit chance or crit dmg?????

881Gino says:

Awesome vid mate, thanks.

Meridian 714 says:

Agreed. Good video

plzlemme says:

i love your content but I don't agree with this video, just looking at the numbers you're putting out with that smg, my ak with brutal and deadly on it are critting headshots for double the damage your smg is, and i have a 25% crit chance without pulse up or without adding the +13% crit chance i get on targets out of cover, and my non crit headshots are hitting for more than double of your non crit headshots. I think you need to compare your smg to an assault rifle that has proper perks on it, the named ar's (caduceus and liberator) are complete garbage because of the awful perks they have, as with any gun without deadly and brutal on it, because those two perks are by far the best right now

Fenrir Wolf says:

they dont need to be nerfed. As smg guns are useless at long distance. At short distance they can do a lot of damage but not at distance. So i cant see nothing wrong with smg right now.

SwiftyLovesYou says:

That would be extremely dumb if they actually got nerfed..
The only thing that makes them strong is their crit chance..
They should just buff the other weapon types.

Revan10492 says:

What are the best Talents for SMGs?


Here is the problem with your opinions, you haven't gotten to "endgame" yet.
You along with other youtubers keep saying "endgame" as if in 2 weeks time the game is over.
You have no clue what is in store for the Division over the next few months. There is a reason to the Divisions madness.
You're kinda full of assumptions when it comes to "endgame".
Not to mention every youtuber is on the Vector bandwagon.
Other submachine guns are just as good with the certain traits and mods.
Also not everyone uses the weapons in the fashion you and others presume to deploy them.
I have alot of respect for you and your analysis however youtubers are kinda of ruining the experience with this mister and miss know it all syndrome.

Matty Coleman (Sneaky Little Dick) says:

true on paper/spreadsheet. very, very false on practice. very false. lmg's are just as good, ar's arent far behind and marksman rifle are king by far.

the pakhan, m1a and vector are all stupidly OP though.
and dont underestimate a semi auto shotgun, they are very strong, solo challenge mode is doable with any of those weapons :)

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