How To Study For A Math Test!

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I hope these study tips help you to study for your next math test! I know math can be tricky sometimes so these are my top 10 tips to help you ace math!

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I’d love to hear what your favourite study tips are and what sort of tricks you like to use to help you study and get good grades in school!

It’s time to ACE those assignments, class tests and exams!!! Let’s help each other to get those A+’s !!!

Be happy and productive!
xo ♡ Jess

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Jarno Björkqvist says:

omg you are hot!

Shaheen Zenia says:

I had found your channel recently and its definitely amazing

Vera Haarsma says:

You videos are sooo time consuming! I don't even have time to actually study! Love your videos, greats from the Netherlands ;)

FolaxGamingHD says:

Knew you was australian. :)

So-ra Lee says:

Inwould love to even get a C in Maths. My problem with Math is that I feel like I get the main ideas of a chapter and after some practice I´m able to solve homework and example questions, but still in the actual tests I seem to can´t get over a D. This really sucks for my motivation because I began to think it´s useless to study my butt of for Math since I don´t seem to get good grades. It wouldn`t bother me if Math wasn´t so important. but it really influences my graduation grades and I don´t want to ruin my whole graduation because of Math. I really don´t know whats wrong with me.

Hari Patel says:

good ideas☺

Jacqueline Koh says:

can you do one for science?Im such a failure at maths haha

Randika Madusanka says:

I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about core skills try Stiklind Fast Learning Fixer (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

Tharshini Mani says:

+studywithjess I got a question when I studying in group I got a lots of troubles with my friend .Firstly my friends will be like studying after a minute they will change their topic from maths so how can I tackle this thing

Kay Mar says:

How old are you?

Harry potter fan says:

Your channel is so very wonderful and helpful that I asked all of my friends to subscribe your channel and they too found these tips useful. I am really loving all of your videos.


oh my god YOU SPEAKS TOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!

Karla Sofia Vazquez Cedro says:

you are from England , right ? is because of your accent . Great video

yoo yeunjung stan says:

she just became my sensei omg

tilly436 m says:

thanks jess, I only just found ur channel it's soo helpful

Jdhbddjd Bxnbddn says:

I'm form Arab guys can u give me 3 steps. how to get A in mathematics!?

mimi girly world says:

where are u from ?

TheAmazing Girl says:

My friend is so good at math and i am like, "Why are you excited for a math test?"

Sidra Shumila says:

Hii Jess your channel is awesome I am preparing for my math exam I have one question can we listen music while doing practice.

Elina Johnson says:


Xiu MXHao says:

dont judge me or be racist on me cus im asian but i love studying and math

dan liu says:

can you help me study medicine? lol

Nguyen Hong Duc says:

Are you In England

asitha perera says:

jess Thx .give some more tips to study effectively

Preethi Anoop says:

thanks so much for making this video that's a wheight out of my shoulder.

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