BBC Universe Documentary The Great Math Mystery BBC Documentary 2015

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xamarmm says:

I don't think it is so surprising that mathematics does the job so well. Mathematics is a tool invented by our minds and can be used to explain things about reality which we understand in our minds. It is obvious that a tool developed by our minds to explain things understood by our minds should be able to do exactly that.

True, you can also develop a tool by the mind that does not do the job but as long as you use it in conjunction with experiments and our understanding of reality then it should be able to do exactly what you generated the tool for.

The point is that it is our comprehension of reality within our minds that are used as guide to develop our mathematics and so therefore our comprehension of reality is at the core mathematical. What you can say is that mathematics can be used to detect patterns and we find those patterns in reality but then the mathematics was developed exactly so that we can discover those patterns of reality.

Joseph Hamner says:

They need to teach more uses of math in school, They mainly focus on equations instead of real life uses for it

johnny leaf says:

BBC is far better than Nova

chris osborne says:

This is not BBC.

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