All Asians are Good at Math? – Is It True

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Comedians Jimmy O Yang, Walter Hong, George Wang, and Danny Cho square off against some of ADD’s employees to find out, are all asians good at math? Is It True is a brand new series from All Def Digital where we tackle some of the biggest racial stereotypes head on with ridiculous “experiments”. This is something you don’t want to miss, only on All Def Digital! #ADD



Starring: Jimmy O Yang, Walter Hong, George Wang, and Danny Cho Directed by: Sydney Kim
Producers: Josh Gonzales, Desiree Alcaraz
Director of Photography: Adam Bial
Edited by: Bruce Meyers
VFX: Ryan Kehoe
Post Supervisor: Rich Song
Old Asian Lady: Michiko Abe


Juliana Jong says:

Im asian but Im not a fan of math

Phan Trash says:

I got all of these before the Asians and non Asians and I'm a white, blonde girl that is 13 years old. Fuck you stereotypes

Omar Lopez says:

"65 mexicans" lmao

TayTay's Life says:

one of the guys looked like Guy Fierri

Taylor Tong says:

But fr like my friends get f's on their report cards I get a b and I get my assed kicked so btw I'm Asian

Meg Mam says:

Damn this was easy

Marady Mon says:

im asian and ive failed my math class at a community college before and passed the second time with a 2.2

jim hanley says:

I'm white and I season the fuck out of everything, had to put that to rest because not everyone likes dry ass tasteless chicken

Owen Castro says:

They modeled the long ruler after his penis

I am banana says:

Not all Asians are good at math but most of American people are stupid and bad at math :)

Beatriz Leite says:

so if that guy believes all stereotypes are true… that means the stereotype all Asians have small penis is true. (For him at least)

Ethan Dean says:

He said that all stereo types are true, because he knows they won't do a stereotype video about dick size.

Astrid Nellie says:

It's Maths*

Teodora Teodosijevic says:

The Walter dude is dumb as fuck omg

• Jäy • says:

If all stereotypes were true then Asians have tiny dicks

Angel Reyes says:

I suck at math because I'm Mexican not to offend but it's true

HoJun 정 says:

I'm Asian BUT I SUCK AT MAAAATH ..but really good at neuroscience though lol

Will Smith says:

The last one was so easy smh

Tiffany Dinh says:

Yo where are girls.

Biswash lamsal says:

we are good at math as we need to satisy our parents but remember that asians does not mean only chinese or japanese……..

this is chris says:

lmfaoo nigga said break out the tekken

Solar Heat says:

Do that Mexicans are good soccer players

EmmieLy says:

Hey George wang.Hey (;

Kat465k says:

Not all Asians are smart at math.. That's your answer from a Asian :)

Kiko Bang says:

The 2nd & 3rd Asian guys are hot.

bmoneybesteves says:

This is why we are a model minority. We are okay and submissive about our stereotypes. We are definitely better than this and although it was a funny video. It just doesn't help us out in a ever changing and progressive society.

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