Foods You Thought Were Healthy But Actually Aren’t

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ALWAYS check the labels!

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BritBot says:

Misleading title? This shouldnt be news for anyone…

quickdrawz05 says:

I know I'm not an expert on food consumption. but counting carbs and calories aside. You are supposed to consume something! This is just going to make kids afraid of eating food. The perfect diet is hard to achieve. Just love yourself, exercise with good form, and drink water. Eating a burger every now and then will still keep you sexy if you just stay active! Love yourself and those around you. That's what's important.

cwoolfork says:

"…everything gives you cancer!" – Joe Jackson

Anna Frazer says:

Everyone go and watch the Australian 'That Sugar Film'. I can guarantee you will learn so much about hidden sugars!

BluRey BluRey says:


OldPervertedHerbert says:

This is surprising to people? Read the damn labels people. I mean there's a big white sticker on the package that says "nutritional info".

aydooknow says:

lol they use the word "calories" like it's inherently a bad thing. And the "high calorie = worse" logic. calories are simply a measure of the energy they provide. calories aren't related to nutritional value.

cmon buzzfeed

MightyMightyena says:

Of course protein bars have a lot of carbs, they're for people who work out. Carbs are necessary to muscle gain, so having tons of carbs and protein in 1 bar is really convenient.

jesse foulk says:

If you compare the ingredients of a big Mac to your food pyramid, you'll see its all there. Same for supreme pizzas.

MrFelipoda says:

So you stole MinOverMunch 's idea. Great going BuzzFeed. Always sticking it to the little guy.


(eating my 253 calories 35 grams of sugar chocolate bar with my 180 calories 45 grams of sugar soda) damn that's kray kray.. that quarter pounder does sound bomb doe.. haha

Aaron Clarke says:

why do people think carbs are so awful

Kuma El Negro says:

I'm waiting on the bottle of water that has 80 grams of cocaine.

Justice Ami says:

Also… Diet sodas and sugar substitutes can actually be harmful to heart health, stevia or hmmm water may be a better choice.

Edward Brent says:

fuggin hell /_-)

Pie 4life says:

Vitamin water , it's owned by Coke and they said after being sued that it's not healthy at all and they are not pushing it . (Lies)

Anton Nguyen says:

Coconut oils

Mattilyn Collins says:

The ignorance in this video and in the comment section made my day.

john doe says:

Nothing I didn't know. Just read the nutrition facts people! Stay healthy y'all! Mind, body, and soul!

Lightnin says:

Umm…calories aren't the only thing that matter, a burger has much more simple carbs and has red meat, a salad would be better without fatty dressing.

Cherish B. says:

instant oatmeal is disgusting.

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