#IStandUp Against the Harm Caused By Objectification of Women in Advertising

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#IStandUp against the objectification of women and the harm it causes. #WomenNotObjects

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Kelly Manning says:

Powerful messages!! #ISTANDUP

Le Na says:

I think a lot of people are missing the point of this video.
Advertising should focus on what makes you happy, not what you have to do to gain acceptance with other people.

John says:

0:38 just FYI the Cologne attacks were perpetrated by Muslim immigrants, not by people who would be widely 'affected' by this 'harmful media,' so that is a bad example. Also this whole video is ridiculous, it's not advertising and media's fault that women are emotional and take it too far when trying to achieve beauty. The answer is education on emotional control/discipline, not censorship. We need to stop validating high school drama by blaming society when it is clearly an issue of immaturity. Lastly, if the issue you want to address is beauty standards propagated by the media, then why not talk about the issue in it's entirety? Why only focus on women? It just seems intellectually lazy at best, and sexist at worst.

Kaguya Grimmjow says:

Objectifying women is fine. Being stupid is not. Guys have a lot of pressure to be muscular and what not, but you don't see us complaining that we're victims every time some fuckwit decides to inject synthol, do you? I have the same amount of sympathy for women who go for plastic surgery, as I have for guys that start juicing, which is no sympathy. If a woman isn't smart enough to realize she can't look Pamela Anderson naturally, and if a guy isn't smart enough to realize he can't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger naturally, then no, I'm sorry, they're just the worth my time. #IDontStandUp

Also, the Cologne thing? That's a whole different animal. :P

Helsing Channel says:

what a cancer of a video!

Angelo Pro says:

meanwhile in the middle east…

Angelo Pro says:

I believe most magazines are run by women. The truth is men don't care that much, they will fuck most women as long as they don't look like ogres.

SubVengeance says:

I wonder why most of the annoying feminists look like her 1:01. Chubby n' shit…

larry is real 666 says:

I 100% agree. Women have been portrayed to be slaves for women. We have to cook, clean, take care of kids, look good and maintain a nice figure. This has got to end! I am tired of it. Everyone is tired of it. I also liked how this video featured people all races, genders and sizes. #IStandUp

Konstantin n. says:

hahaha, so dumb. I especially liked "THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN"! classic bs message at the end.

Hannah M says:

Reading the comments on this video makes me wonder if any of the men even watched the video, if they did then they'd realize this video is about them and the shit they say that harm women.

Chaleese Boullanger says:

Did they seriously fucking use a specific part of a maxmoefoe youtube clip to make him look bad again? Fuck the fuck off, you fuckwits.

Voltaire says:

(So… "Stand up" is a pretty poor choice of word when juxtaposed with sexual objectification of women.)

Anyway, does anyone know the name of the music track for this video? It's amazing.

R1kerr121 says:

How others view(objectify) you does not determine your worth

PaleBlueDot says:

As a man, I am sick of seeing these strange trends women are following too. If anything was to change, it would have to start at the media AND the women themselves.

If you refuse to follow whatever brainwashing rubbish they put on the TV, if you choose not to instantly run into the bathroom and compare yourselves to the TV role models (more like villains). If you choose not to go and do all these things to make yourselves look like the TV people, then you are standing up against the harm the corporations and the TV people who benefit from your insecurity and loss of brain cells.

Sure you might not attract every men, but you will attract the right ones for you.

hrjackson says:

Many men who comment on these videos are so quick to argue against the message, yet rarely seem to argue against the objectification actually happening…

R Gp says:

I'm so fed up to bash men for doing this! This is not done by men – it is done by women- in power – in companies to reap moneyy.. And for men – you are 24/7 bombarded with SEX – with naked, nude or barellly dressed women, put everywhere – to make you buy things – from toilet paper to cars.. There is a huge pressure on men too – sex is being used as a weapon of control – or money-making! All TV, magazine, advertising sell SEX – and those models – they are not ''victims'' – they are millionaires for doing this – they are perpetrators to this… The victims are BOTH men and women – and men to no lesser extend.

vinslungur says:

Oh fuck I wish I hadn't seen all those advertisements and music videos. I've raped at least 20 girls so far because I've lost the ability to control myself. Damn, these social justice warriors were right all along! I'm just an animal and these ads make me want to rape!

Sacha Pluskwa says:

if anyone knows the music used in this video please :)

insanelook says:

Here is the problem # 1, women are trying to identify themselves to models and photoshopped pictures, and I know lots bout it, those women with such perfect legs like in the beginning of the video are usually the ones coming from eastern countries, Russia, Ukraine, you name it …… Just get something in your tiny brains, you fools, enjoy the way you are, you will simply never become like them, they are simply born that way, it's genetics. You might die get trying, but the results will never be the same. And yeah, I know, with everything teenagers see on the net today, they will try anything just to look like the supermodels, sorry, but don't. Jeeezzz, what a time we are living in.

Jerry the Rino says:

Yea lets point the finger to everyone else. Lets point it at the media saying "they objectify women". Lets point it at the plastic surgeons saying "they kill young women" when their parents are the ones that should have some control over these kids and thought them that they should have more self worth than only the way they look. And the most hilarious thing is that feminist "say oh we women are mentally strong" and yet the bigger half of the women's self worth is the way they look, you know what i call this "mental weakness" those kids don't need videos on youtube they need a psychiatric. And as finish i like to say that you should not point the finger to any one when you are so mentally week that you try to commit suicide on your teen years on reasons like "my nose is the wrong shape".

Jessica Wells says:

feminist is not new people it means the exactly the same as women's suffrage movement which has been going on since the twentieth century, its a movement to get equality between the sexes feminism is just the modern term and if we were equal do you think women would still be fighting for it. This video shows the unrealistic expectations and standards of women, yes no one tells women they have to look or act that way but if a women are normal looking or plus sized they are made fun of there flaws are pointed out and the media influences everyone things we watch affect how we think its a proven science this is what success looks like for women today because we made it that way men and women both, and men are objectified too but not nearly as much and i'm not saying it doesn't matter as much but people cant deny the facts its more acceptable to be by societies standards to be an overweight male or unattractive you see it everyday a 400 pound male who isn't attractive by society standards with a super model wife you rarely see it the other way around and commercials ive never seen a half naked male used to sale a burger if the media is going to objectify women as much as they do i would be ok with it if it was done equally on both sexes i wanna see men giving women oral to sell food or men used to sell perfume it should be equal if the solutions isn't just completely stop it all.

Claire Scheepers says:

So many men in total denial in the comments section……. I wonder what they are worried about ?

John Clements says:

Women objectify women you clowns.

Kim Kardashian is women's role model, she objectifies herself
The number one selling book of all time for the female demographic is 50 Shades of Grey

Stop pretending like this has anything to do with men. Botox is not a male thing, shoes, designer bags are not a male thing, neither is the thigh gap, lips, butt implants, eyebrows, mascara etc. These all come from female industries run by females. YOU ARE YOUR OWN ENEMY.

yourraxus says:

Suddenly you all are innocent. Yup. Knew it.

Anne Bego says:

LMAO! I ain't got time for that.

Gabriel Zimmerman says:

In my opinion, it's actually women who put the pressure on other women to look a certain way. For example, the thigh gap. I have never met a man who has ever said that a thigh gap was desirable. I believe more men are attracted to a thicker woman (with a healthy and strong looking build). I just don't see men putting as much emphasis on that sort of stuff like I see women doing. More videos should emphasize people building each other up as individuals. Not pitting men against women, or women against women.
Also, as a bodybuilding enthusiast, and somebody who is health conscious, I think that it isn't unhealthy to see your body as something you should always be improving. Your body is a machine. Fuel it and treat it properly.

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