10 Offensive Advertising Campaigns

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Advertisers have often used shock-techniques to grab the attention of its audiences. However, some companies have been accused of going way too far, and crossing the line into offensiveness.

Alltime10s brings you 10 companies that thought it acceptable to use racism, sexism and homophobia to sell their products.

Check out 10 Lies That Advertising Sold You – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A74bJS-orlo

SOFY BeFresh advert – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKdN3G4VyoM
Hyundai Pipe Job advert – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgffnYlAe9c

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Hedley Quintana says:

Holy shit!
I can clearly see the muscles under the skin of those assholes!

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

Thailand CEO of Dunkin Donuts, I tip my hat to you sir.

amey Shinde says:

Proud To be Racist , Sexist or whatever the fuck . White people – Advance level of thinking than other races . So Fuck Yea !!!!!

Kevin Martin says:

It's not offensive if it's true

Michael Kelm says:

The ones with the afro and the runners aren't all that offensive to be honest. If you substituted the models for white people the advert would've had the same meaning.

Kevin Martin says:

The ford one was funny

Kevin Martin says:

The metro one wasn't even offensive

avarice seven says:

I think Dunkin' Donuts ad is beautiful. The black make up, pink lipstick, the hair, black background, choco donut, I think it's like an art, to be honest. Why do people say something is racist just because it's black.

shadyatem says:

with the exception of numbers #4 and #5, I'd say most of these are just people being too sensitive.

Dogeisreal says:

Ffs people get offended so easily and big government rushes to comfort them

Swedish Vivvo says:

"Racist ?" Fuck off and do suicide.

DragonSlapper64 says:

2nd last was definitely not racist

ThisAccountIsNeverUsed says:

#Commietime10s go back to your rock you red ed voting faggots

Shapoopytroopy says:

Its not an "outdated" idea that women suffer from anger issues while on their period. Its a known fact

i leik pi says:

people get offended over the most stupid things

Septfox says:

I like how several of these are blatant cases of people looking for something to be offended by.

#8 is true to a fairly major extent. The "afros are undesirable" thing, not the "black people are savages" thing (which is an amazingly baffling jump in interpretation in and of itself).
Walk into a job interview for a lot of companies with your nappy hair, and you're not going to get the job. Part of looking professional is bothering with personal grooming, which includes not having 5"+ long hair sticking in every direction. This is true regardless of what color your skin happens to be.
-People wouldn't have found it nearly as offensive if the advert had featured a while male throwing a version of his head that had dreadlocks or a long, messy beard. Just sayin'.

#7: Launch posture != bowing in servitude. It's distinctly different; if anything, it looks like the runners are about to jump the center guy's ass.
The common person would look at that image and go "wow, that's really dumb", followed by "why is that guy surrounded by runners?". I'd imagine that Intel was going for the latter, and hoped that people would read the print to figure out what was what.
-If it'd been a black guy in the center surrounded by white runners, nobody would have batted an eye despite it being technically interpretable as the Empowered Black Man getting revenge on his former white overlords or some such bullshit.

#6: If the question had been "Can't we just talk about the weather?", there wouldn't have been a problem. If the only advert had been two men and the other said "can't we just talk about the game?", there wouldn't have been a problem.
-Also, women do discuss shoes. And shopping. And men. Stereotypes are rooted in fact, imagine that. In addition, I can tell you without even needing to dig into statistics that people are more likely to make meaningless smalltalk in public places, particularly if they're being shuffled around a lot, than they are to have deep, meaningful conversations. The unfortunate truth of it is that it's difficult to keep a complex stream of conversation going with constant distractions and interruptions. I'm so sorry if this fact of life offends your innocent sensibilities.

#4: Today I learned that bondage = violence against women.
-There would have been no issue if there were a woman up front driving and three half-dressed, muscular men in the back.

#2: What racist stereotype are we talking about here? That black women like donuts? That black women always wear pink lipstick? That black women like wearing pink lipstick while eating donuts? That black women are occasionally black?
-It wouldn't have been found nearly as offensive if it had been a white woman…you know what, nevermind, we all know where this is going.

#1: I was going to comment on this one, but after thinking about it…
-While their heart was in the right place, I would be willing to concede that the way they tried to deliver their message was probably incorrect.

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