The Wigging: Breast cancer patient shaves head before chemo hair loss

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Allison Bender was literally born with a full head of dark curls — so when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to take control of hair loss as a result of chemotherapy. Before her second round of treatment in July 2014, Allison visited Eivind and Hans of Georgetown Salon and Spa in Washington, D.C.. Here, she donated 24 inches of hair to the non-profit Wigs for Kids and was fitted for two wigs of her own. #AmazonWithin #FightLikeAGirl

For more on Allison’s journey from breast cancer diagnosis to wellness, follow along at:

Video by Julie Percha


Mary E. Goins says:

You don't need to feel ugly since there's a natural treatment method that could help you reduce hair loss henceforth.

phil durand says:

un vrai massacre c est un coiffeur pro ça ?

mtst 99 says:

Don't forget to use TA65 to repair your telomeres.

Jake Graham says:

…Hi all….Having used a well-known "anti-thinning" shampoo (for years) that changed its formula for the worse, I decided to try several other shampoos touting "anti-hair loss" properties…. After just a few uses of Dermo biotin shampoo I noticed la lot less hair loss and a thicker texture in my hair Also, my hair is growing a lot faster!! I would recommend this one over the other ones I tried because it Works

vicki johnson says:

You are so beautiful!

Gema Sanchez says:

My Aunt just got diagnosed with best cancer for the 4th time, she's never had chemo done because she's afraid of losing her hair. This time for the sack of her health she has to do chemo so I will be shaving my hair also to support her, I'm so excited! 

K Kelble says:

Peace to you, Allison.  I hope you are still doing well.
Thank you so much for this beautiful video.  I have an appointment in one hour, 20 minutes to shave my head before chemo gets it.  Your video has given me more strength, strength that I need to get through this part.

‫נתי דורון‬‎ says:

 i just wanted to write that i think you are amaizing! firs – you are beautiful and you always smile! my mother had a chemo (2) today and its spouse to go (the hair) soon 
i just wanted to thak you for your positive video and to wish you worm regards from israel
all the best, fell well
nati :)

Allison Bender says:

Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know I am doing well! I had surgery 11/18/2014 with clear margins and no lymph node involvement! I finished radiation on 01/16/2015. I did have some residual cancer after my presurgery chemo, so I am now enrolled in the Katherine Trial, for 14 more rounds of "doable" chemo, which shouldn't make me lose my hair again. Right now I am all GI Jane, but I am hoping to be Anne Hathaway in Les Mis soon. Hair goals! It will be time to get that blow dryer out again soon enough! Big hugs to you all and many thanks for your prayers, well wishes, and support!!!

kingoftomatoes says:

what a beauty you are, hope you're doing well.

Josan Molano says:

You are beautiful no matter what! Heads up Darling! Keep the Faith! 🙂 

MsJackalicious says:

Beautiful Woman.

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