The case for medical marijuana research on PTSD

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This clip from Botany of Desire does a fantastic job of explaining how and why medical marijuana can help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Mercedes Hamilton says:

I have PTSD and use medical cannabis to treat it, believe it or not but that is the only thing that has kept it under control. I was on 13 meds before medical cannabis now I take 2 a probiotic for my intestines and omeprazole for gerd.

shot-GUN -rusty says:

that's why people get depression and anxiety through this shit it has messed so many off my freinds

leo myers says:

I have PTSD, and I'm a teen… 

Rex Rose says:


Axel Vasa says:

Hey Shadow bitch,,,shut your fukin yap.

Vanegas Martin says:

en español por favor para mostrarlo a mi mama !!plis¡¡ 

Josh Bodhi'Sattva says:

I'm an Army Infantry Iraq Veteran with PTSD. But I'll tell you now combat isn't the only thing that's caused my PTSD and depression and my damned need to burn away all the memories I can of the past and not just from military….

tonymengela says:

Prison gave me PTSD, and its funny how the thing that put me in prison now helps me be able to be around people again.

patrickmaky42 says:

THC on its own = puke. THC + CBD = giggling your tits off.

Kevin TheCatMan Hand™ says:

Thank you for sharing.  Thank you!

Andrew Schnelwar says:

I have PTSD and cannabis saved my life.  I would be dead, in jail, or in a mental institution had it not been for cannabis.  Instead I'm a perfectly functioning person now.  

1Solarcloud says:

This is old, but was good for back then…A lot more info out there…PpP

Thomas Juul says:

So, if you have childhood PTSD. Will this work too?

Mr-Nice-Guy j says:

CBD is getting a lot of attention. We're talking about a miracle plant that the gov is banning. 

videodesignerz says:

OMFG.  BULLSHIT INFORMATION.  Cannabis is not valuable only for THC! Its valuable for CBD, THC and multiple other medical ingredients!

TheGamingAffiliate says:

Almost almost there 😀

marie shannon says:

Thanks for your service, Brother. I hope you are happy and content. Meditation helps a hell of alot….

Uber Kamper says:

Texas needs to legalize Medical Marijuana like in New Mexico. I noticed when I moved back and had to quit smoking, I started getting nightmares again. I quit drinking 20 years ago and I won't do man made narcotics… I'm trying to get work back in New Mexico now so I can get some real sleep again.

Guy Baldridge says:

Want to shut Obamas mouth about the economy? Tell him Americans want Canabus, also known as Marijuana to be as legal as Beer.

Dan Drumm says:

Forgot to mention CBD which is what THC is orignally so This is severly slanted…

joadhenry says:

I will never forget the criminal banking cartels and how they fucked over so many generations, including my grandparents and parents… matter how fucking high I get……

Jacob C says:

I'm an Army Iraqi war veteran.

Jacob C says:

I drink so much, it is what allows me to sleep. When I had every day access to cannabis I was perfectly fine. Now that I live back home in Texas I drink, a lot. Not happy, unhealthy as can be… But I can sleep.

lori639 says:

They should legalize in all states. It will help so many.

Ricy Mardona says:

Thanks for sharing excellent video. it was very informative…

Neil Armstrong says:

Paranoia can also be a symptom of Schizophrenia, and MJ will make Schizophrenia worse for most. SSRI's, benzos, anti-psychotics worked for my PTSD but at a therapeutic level I won't care about anything other than alcohol and sleep. This is a safer choice for most. Makes me functional and free of symptoms most of the time.

Neil Armstrong says:

Makes since why it works for me, since it helps to forget. PTSD with constant repetitive thoughts that will deprive me of sleep to the point I become delusional. Been on every pharmaceutical on the market this is the only thing that works, and with no side effects. I don't think it would be as effective without counseling sessions and understanding the process. Don't use the strong stuff, monitor your usage and take breaks from it when possible.

pam kirby says:


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